Ayyā Medhānandī

Ayyā Medhānandī

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When the Canoe Starts to Tip
July 11, 2023

Right mindfulness developed with meticulous appreciative attention on the breath enables us to tame the wilderness of the mind. If we are careening off course just when the canoe starts to tip we

Behind the Mask of Fear
July 06, 2023

What do we fear the most? Love, unconditional love. Learning to see intuitively, we truly see. And when we have eyes to see, we are fearless. We may not feel fearless but we know how to face our fear

A Way of Benevolence
June 29, 2023

The Buddha guides us on a way of benevolence, worthy of our praise, worthy of our attention, worthy of our devotion. It extinguishes the fire of delusion in the mind to kindle the fire of awakening. N

A Bow To Silence
June 20, 2023

The spiritual path may be exceedingly long and demands nothing less than the most supreme culminating effort. But our patience and faith are radical. In every moment of pure attention, insight into i

Remember What You Love
June 13, 2023

To harvest the real riches of the journey, seek refuge and protection in wisdom; and gain profound peace and happiness through the practice of loving-kindness, compassion and forgiveness. These qualit

So Help Me Dhamma
June 04, 2023

As long as delusion prevails, we are in danger and our happiness is very limited. Beyond its veil, immeasurable riches await us. Four ways to focus our samadhi power help us to clear away the interior

That Seed of Awakening Within Us
May 28, 2023

Remember compassion like the Buddhas. Remember courage like the Buddhas a mind strong, centered, wise and welcoming; spacious, supple and open. We look within and wake up to that seed of awakening

On the Street Where You Live
May 20, 2023

When a river flows into the sea it acquires one taste, the taste of salt. As our meditation deepens, regardless of age, health, race, gender, culture or social status, delving into the mind, we discov

At the Core of the Coreless
May 14, 2023

We sit at the edge of the heart peering in, tangled by clinging, inflated and inflamed by worldly ways. Yet we long to know the truth of what we are. For that we must explore the inner core. This is a

My Life Is Like An Alms Bowl
May 08, 2023

We are here to learn to see, to dispel all ignorance with intuitive wisdom. When I walk on alms round, even if nothing is given, I see that my life is like an alms bowl. It is both full and empty fu