Sati Saraniya Hermitage

Sati Saraniya Hermitage

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Where the Flame of Truth Burns Bright – Reflections & Guided Meditation
July 23, 2021

Dhamma is like mother, father, guardian, the Truth that we can rest in. So rest in the purity of one moment. Offering to listen, what is the message we receive? In the silence of the mind, what do we

I Sit Here In Blessing
July 16, 2021

How can we care for ourselves and each other, using our formal meditation practice as a template for daily living? As we sit for meditation, mark an intuitive pathway through painful, burdensome mind

Softly Close The Gates
July 09, 2021

There is so much for us to understand. Preparing yourselves for that unfolding of wisdom, take your rightful seat in a balanced way and follow the path inward. Softly close off all the gates and give

Baptism of Fire
July 02, 2021

Sometimes it takes an illness or a loss to wake up. The wheel of Dhamma turns us towards the centre point, where all the mind’s movements are stilled so that we can see the truth of suffering. Fear ar

The Nimitta of Suffering
June 25, 2021

When we’re out of balance, it’s due to the worldly winds. Even if you call them Dhamma winds, they end up being worldly – as soon as we grasp them, we’re back in samsara and we’re circling. The ending of circling always begins within...

The Value of Death
June 18, 2021

This path takes us to our true home through cultivating sanctity, and understanding the value of death: the death of greed, hatred and delusion. When we see all things as impermanent, death gives defi

Feast of Patience
June 11, 2021

Can we not give vent to the wanting mind, not blame conditions nor allow discontentment to grow? Develop patience and persevere on the path. Know things as they are and accept them. Patience is the highest austerity. So change gears, and move away from...

Wilderness Traveller
June 11, 2021

A dear friend, Malini Weerasooriya, was a worthy example to us of a daughter of the Buddha. Fearless, patient and joyous throughout her pains as she neared death, she embodied one who had found the way out of the wilderness of the mind driven...

Virtue Goes Full Circle
June 04, 2021

Virtue creates a force in the heart, a field of goodness, from generosity to joy to enlightenment. Bring each moment back to awareness. Once there is joy in the heart, the mind finds ease to go to its depths. Be your own doctor, self-examine,...

The Teacher is Present – Vesak Joy and Dhamma Refuge
May 28, 2021

To celebrate the Buddha’s life is to be his disciple in enlightenment. Every day becomes a day of Vesak when we emulate the Buddha’s virtues and follow his gradual training in Dhamma-Vinaya and spiritual warrior-ship. We vow to purify the mind,