Ayyā Medhānandī

Ayyā Medhānandī

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Unexpected Treasure
September 16, 2023

Deep in the space of our hearts there is a sanctity unreachable by any vehicle other than wisdom. We travel there silently to explore the galaxies that lie within us. Until we try, we can’t know the w

Taste the Mountain
September 09, 2023

Rather than running away from suffering, we use it as the way to deliverance. Out of suffering, we draw beneficial mind states, especially compassion not blaming our dukkha on any external or intern

Holding the Chalice
September 03, 2023

We underestimate the power of renunciation to gain our true spiritual inheritance from the Buddha. These deeper levels of practice require not a formulaic approach but faith enough to let go the cling

The Fire of Illumination
August 27, 2023

We wish for perfect conditions in life. But true perfection only arises within the awakened mind. So we are like mendicants of the present moment not able to control or know what lies ahead. Let us

I Just Wanted Some Toothpaste
August 19, 2023

The way out of pain is not in sense pleasure. But suffering can be a ticket to Nibbana maybe not the one we asked for, but its in our hands. So we try. Taste the moment just as it is. Choose love w

Those Who Rightly Love Wisdom
August 11, 2023

In a psychic feat for his sister, Sundari Nanda, the Buddha creates a vision of a beautiful lady who transforms into an old woman. Through this direct experience of impermanence, her mind is liberated

Purest Gold
August 07, 2023

The sublime attitudes of loving kindness, compassion, joyous empathy, and serene composure create for us a path, a moral training to guide us not to ransom our goodness or our intrinsic values for the

Silent Thunder
July 31, 2023

The Dhamma is deep, subtle yet powerful enough to teach us how to stop, how to listen, how to see the truth of things. For what we thought we knew, we may have not really understood. So how can we tra

Compassion Enough to Care
July 26, 2023

Let us truly live with compassion enough to care. And share that beautiful mind energy with a depth of awareness and attention to each moment. Keeping far from the noise of the world, every breath, ev

My Religion is Kindness
July 19, 2023

Joy comes softly. First, we plow through the labyrinth of our emotional compost. We know anguish, selfishness, and all their truant cousins. Then we learn skillful ways to let go. Dying to the self,