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She's A Super Geek

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143 – Thirstier Sword Lesbians
October 27, 2020

Thirsty Sword Lesbians is on Kickstarter now! Thirsty Sword Lesbians by April Walsh is a roleplaying game that celebrates the love, power, and existence of queer people—specifically queer people with swords and a lot of feelings!

142 – Thirsty Sword Lesbians
October 13, 2020

April Walsh joins our co-hosts to play her new game Thirsty Sword Lesbians, on Kickstarter now! Thirsty Sword Lesbians is a PBTA game about queer love and power wherever swords cross and hearts race! Our game focuses on two thirty-something…

141- A Cool and Lonely Courage 2
September 15, 2020

Content Notice: Nazis, WWII, imprisonment, concentration camps, the Holocaust, police raids, assassination, interrogation, homophobia Today we’re playing Part 2 of A Cool and Lonely Courage by Alex White with Betsy Rosenblatt.

140 – A Cool and Lonely Courage
September 01, 2020

Content Notice: Nazis, WWII, imprisonment, concentration camps, the Holocaust, police raids, assassination Our co-hosts are joined by Betsy Rosenblatt for Alex White’s game A Cool and Lonely Courage about the incredible women of the Special Operations ...

139 – Sole
August 18, 2020

Content Warning: isolation, death of a parent, PTSD-like flashback dealing with the death of a family member when the character was a child during wartime Co-host Andi plays Sole, a solo interstellar RPG by James Mullen. In this game you’ve…

138 – Dead Friend 2
August 04, 2020

Content notice: recent death of a good friend, necromancy Senda is joined again by Wen Reischl for the finale of their Dead Friend game. Senda is playing the android Danella (they/them) trying to contact their friend human Yast (he/him) played…

137 – Dead Friend
July 20, 2020

Content Notice: recent death of a friend, necromancy Wen again joins co-host Senda for a dynamic play-through of Lucian Kahn’s Dead Friend. Dead Friend is a roleplaying game for a necromancer and a ghost. The script follows a necromantic ritual…

136 – Adventurer and Troll
July 07, 2020

Co-host Senda and friend of the show Wen play Banshee Game’s Adventurer and Troll, a storytelling microgame of power imbalance. An adventurer needs to cross a bridge. A troll needs to eat. The only way to get across without getting…

135 – Campers & Counselors
June 23, 2020

Friend of the show Schmitty–the keeper of the Misdirected Minecraft Server–joins our co-hosts to play Campers & Counselors, a Lasers & Feelings hack by Wizbot Games. Welcome to Camp Vindicate! The best summer camp on Lake Vindicate no matter what…

134 – Couldn’t Stand Still If You Tried
May 26, 2020

Another great quarantine/long distance game! Couldn’t Stand Still if You Tried is a 2-6 player game by Sasha Reneau. You play folks on their own spaceships making dangerous journeys or making a living outside the law. They’ve never met, but…