She's A Super Geek

She's A Super Geek

140 – A Cool and Lonely Courage

September 01, 2020

Content Notice: Nazis, WWII, imprisonment, concentration camps, the Holocaust, police raids, assassination

Our co-hosts are joined by Betsy Rosenblatt for Alex White’s game A Cool and Lonely Courage about the incredible women of the Special Operations Executive, a British WWII organization to aid local resistance movements against the Axis powers. The game is particularly set in France where women were on the front lines.

The three stories we present today about Marcel, Celine, and Marialice are fiction, but they are representative of what the women of the SOE faced. We are playing in tribute to the historical women who served and the many who died. 

Although A Cool and Lonely Courage has light mechanics, this is not a light game especially in 2020 when white supremacists are surging in the United States. It’s easy for us looking back to overlook the actions of everyday individuals within a larger historical movement. We hope the stories of Marialice, Marcel, and Celine will empower you to act as an everyday individual within this larger historical moment. We have a list of resources below to help you get started.

Resources to Help End White Supremacy

* Ben & Jerry’s 12 Ways You can Help Eradicate White Supremacy * BtheChange’s 4 Steps That I and Other White People Can Take to Fight Racism* Collective Liberation’s 15 Ways to Strengthen Anti-Racist Practice* NPR’s Me and White Supremacy Helps You Do the Work of Dismantling Racism* Indivisible’s Standing Indivisible Against White Supremacy *’s 10 Things You Can Do to Stop White Supremacy * Elizabeth Martinez’s What is White Supremacy?