She's A Super Geek

She's A Super Geek

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137 – Dead Friend
July 20, 2020

Content Notice: recent death of a friend, necromancy Wen again joins co-host Senda for a dynamic play-through of Lucian Kahn’s Dead Friend. Dead Friend is a roleplaying game for a necromancer and a ghost. The script follows a necromantic ritual…

136 – Adventurer and Troll
July 07, 2020

Co-host Senda and friend of the show Wen play Banshee Game’s Adventurer and Troll, a storytelling microgame of power imbalance. An adventurer needs to cross a bridge. A troll needs to eat. The only way to get across without getting…

135 – Campers & Counselors
June 23, 2020

Friend of the show Schmitty–the keeper of the Misdirected Minecraft Server–joins our co-hosts to play Campers & Counselors, a Lasers & Feelings hack by Wizbot Games. Welcome to Camp Vindicate! The best summer camp on Lake Vindicate no matter what…

134 – Couldn’t Stand Still If You Tried
May 26, 2020

Another great quarantine/long distance game! Couldn’t Stand Still if You Tried is a 2-6 player game by Sasha Reneau. You play folks on their own spaceships making dangerous journeys or making a living outside the law. They’ve never met, but…

133 – Over The Moon
May 12, 2020

Today’s episode showcases another game made to be played online at your own pace. It’s Over The Moon by Speak the Sky. Over the Moon is a role-play dating app game. You’re some kind of moon cultist, worshipper, or otherwise…

132 – A Response to The Esteemed Dr. Crackpot
April 14, 2020

Senda and Andi play A Response to The Esteemed Dr. Crackpot by Emily Jankowski, an asynchronous game that can be played via the internet. In this game, you play rival academics slugging it out in the pages of one of…

131 – Something Different
March 31, 2020

Share your stories on #SASGStories Senda and Andi present something… a little different. You and Andi are going to tell a story together. That’s right–you the listener are going to weave your own story. It’s a bit like Andi is…

130 – Princess World 2
March 03, 2020

Alice Kyra from Unlabelled AP joins us as our GM for our conclusion of Princess World (now on Kickstarter!) Co-host Andi is playing the reckless space Princess Starshine. Alana from FM Gamers is playing the sparkling fairy Princess Tia. Christine…

129 – Princess World
February 18, 2020

Click here for the Ludo Cherry Giveaway!!! Princess World is a PBTA game written by Kevin Petker and inspired by his daughter. It’s on Kickstarter starting TODAY! Alice Kyra of Unlabelled AP GMs co-host Andi, Alana from FM Gamers, and…

128 – Decuma
February 04, 2020

Check out Decuma now on Kickstarter! The Golden Lasso Girl Kimi herself is leading Senda and Andi through Decuma, the R&D for your RPG. It’s a tarot-inspired game to help a GM and their players collaboratively create characters and setting…