Latest Episodes

What Government Can Learn from AIDS Activists
August 16, 2019

In 2005, Celeste Watkins-Hayes began interviewing women with HIV. For this week's podcast we spoke with Dr. Watkins-Hayes about her surprising research. 

Why Do We Light Fireworks On The 4th Of July?
July 01, 2019

Our deep dive with a pyrotechnics expert to get you amped up for the Fourth.

After the Istanbul Election, What’s Next?
June 19, 2019

We dig deep with Steven A. Cook on the Istanbul election re-rerun and why it could cause an explosion in Turkish politics.

How To Make Your Old Age Your Best Years Yet
June 06, 2019

Old age: how should we think about it? Geriatrician and writer Louise Aronson talks about her upcoming book Elderhood and what makes our later years good.

The Mathematics of Uncertainty
May 29, 2019

Uncertainty defines our era. For this week's podcast we spoke with a mathematician about how to understand the rules that govern it.

Maduro Is In Charge, But For How Long?
May 22, 2019

Violence. Sanctions. An economic death spiral. How is Nicolas Maduro hanging on and what will he do next? We asked Venezuela expert Harold Trinkunas.

The $60 Million Cézanne Heist
May 15, 2019

Paul Cézanne's Boulloire et Fruits just sold for $60 million. This week's podcast examines the painting's amazing backstory.

How Lithium Powered A Medical Revolution
May 07, 2019

For this week's podcast, we spoke to the author of the forthcoming Lithium: A Doctor, a Drug, and a Breakthrough, about the history of this amazing metal.

Why The Sri Lanka Attacks Are Just The Beginning
April 30, 2019

Counter-terrorism expert Daveed Gartenstein-Ross talks about how we should see the Easter attacks in their broader geopolitical context and what comes next for ISIS.

Why Everyone Should Think Like A Scientist
April 23, 2019

How should a scientist act? For this week's podcast, we spoke with Lee McIntrye, author of The Scientific Attitude, about fighting anti-science forces.