The Relaxed Male

The Relaxed Male

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Men Need A Purpose
March 04, 2021

Without a purpose they are lost

Using Affirmations Correctly
February 25, 2021

Say what you believe.

What Can You Control?
February 18, 2021

What are you able to control or not control

Are You an Attractive Person?
February 11, 2021

Beauty is only skin deep. What is your personality like?

Are You a Problem Magnet?
February 08, 2021

Do problems find you?

The Recipe for Happiness
January 28, 2021

Question of the Week by How can you find happiness? Many people seem to think that they cant be happy. That is probably true. The reason they can't find a way to be happy is that they don't know the recipe for happiness. The Recipe Now, this isn't...

Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself
January 21, 2021

Main Topic How can you tap into the power of your mind? The answer is the question. How many times have you asked yourself useless questions? Like why am I fat? or Can I make a dumber question? The reason those are useless is that they go against what...

A Conversation with Jayden
January 14, 2021

A talk with my Son

Holding Space
January 07, 2021

How to listen for better Connection

Building Respect
December 31, 2020

Hard to build but easy to knock down