The Relaxed Male

The Relaxed Male

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Timothy Dexter and The Laws of Attraction
September 23, 2021

You have heard of the Laws of attraction right? Some folks don't buy the whole laws of attraction they say it is only skill and discipline. These are the people who also believe that there are times t

Women Detest Nice Guys
September 17, 2021

There is one thing women absolutely hate and that is the one thing society has pushed on men. The Nice Guy. Ever since the industrial revolution men have been raised by their mothers. Dads leave to go

You Are Not Broken
September 09, 2021

What does it mean when you are broken. Feeling a sense of no hope Beaten Whooped upon Feel like you need to just give up. Feel that you can't give any more Feel lost. How do you get back up? Unders

Are You Wetting the Leather?
September 02, 2021

When it comes to events in your life we have to take into consideration what you are starting with. Many times as men get frustrated with the lack of results that we get when we try something. The pro

How Men Talk To Each Other
August 26, 2021

Talking directly

Aim For Awesome
August 19, 2021

What holds you back from taking the steps you are wanting to take? Now, these reasons can be many, but one of the biggest reasons is fear. We are afraid that we will change. We fear that our friends w

A Pair Of Jeep Panties
August 12, 2021

There are times that life will throw you curveballs. You may have a boss that is just busting your hump and other days you may just drive up behind a jeep with a huge pair of panties on. What do you d

The Difference Between a Therapist and a Coach
August 05, 2021

There is difference

Disempowering Thoughts
July 31, 2021

News going to be making some changes to when things are being released. I want to keep the current release schedule for the video of the week the Wednesday blog post and the podcast but I have lots of

Your Basket of Beliefs
July 22, 2021

Question of The Week By  There really aren’t any unknown laws of manhood. There are things in men's lives that they need to do to have a great and masculine life. Men have purposes and it needs to be