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Charlotte Real Estate Talk

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Compass Bridge Loan Services
September 30, 2021

Scott Pridemore and Mike Hege discuss Compass Bridge Loan Services which provides clients access to competitive rates and dedicated support from industry-leading lenders, with the exclusive option to get up to six months of your loan payments fronted when

Compass Concierge
August 26, 2021

Scott Pridemore and Mike Hege explain how much the Compass Concierge service can benefit clients when selling their home. What's the difference in selling my home wholesale versus retail? (0:34) We'll buy your ugly house right. Now, it's migrated into w

3 Ways Buyers Can Stay Positive in a Seller's Market
August 19, 2021

Scott Pridemore and Mike Hege describe three ways that buyers can remain positive and calm in a competitive seller's market. What are three ways that buyers can stay positive in a seller's market? (1:13) Sometimes the first way that comes to mind might

Are We in a Real Estate Bubble?
August 12, 2021

Scott Pridemore and Mike Hege answer the question, are we in a real estate bubble? If you lived through as we did and practicing real estate in 2008, 2009 and 2010, that was a very different time period in history than it is now. (0:44) So another facto

How's the Market in Charlotte?
August 05, 2021

Scott Pridemore and Mike Hege break down buyer and seller experiences in the Charlotte real estate market. So if you've entered the market, you're really not too late. You're kind of in a perfect time where inventory is constantly coming on the market, b

We've Joined Compass
July 29, 2021

Scott Pridemore and Mike Hege return for a new season of Charlotte Real Estate Talk with some exciting news. So many people are moving to Charlotte from mega markets (1:27) 100 people a day are moving to Charlotte every day (1:50) We've joined Compass

Charlotte Community Talk: Laurie Martin
July 22, 2020

So you want to put the house up for sale, but the thought of going through all of your stuff is too intimidating? Or maybe you just want more room in the house you live in now? We know that downsizing your possessions can be exhausting and emotional. But

Charlotte Community Talk: RunCharlotte
July 08, 2020

We know road races have been canceled because of COVID-19, but runners are still out there training and staying in shape. In fact, a lot of folks have picked up running as a new sport because gyms are closed but greenways, parks, and neighborhood streets

Charlotte Community Talk: Terrell Huntley
June 17, 2020

We all love a big family meal, especially at times like this. But a big community meal is something we're missing -- meals like the kind that brought our communities together during civil unrest of the 1960's and other times when things got tense. The co

Charlotte Community Talk: Jeff Gaeckle
June 10, 2020

This time of the year is when our neighborhood pools open and the kids can't wait to get there. This year, however, is a little different. Pools closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and only opened under Phase 2 of the reopening process -- with new restri