Charlotte Real Estate Talk

Charlotte Real Estate Talk

Compass Concierge

August 26, 2021

Scott Pridemore and Mike Hege explain how much the Compass Concierge service can benefit clients when selling their home.

What's the difference in selling my home wholesale versus retail? (0:34)

We'll buy your ugly house right. Now, it's migrated into we'll buy any house, but we'll buy it at a fraction of what someone will get in the open market. (1:21)

If I had to guess a lot of the folks that may go the convenient route are also the same folks that really are not understanding their true value. (2:03)

Time and time again, we're finding sellers are making more and keeping more in their pocket by going a retail route. (3:05)

We have a program internally where we provide the capital and the up front cost. (4:09)

Landscaping, paint, carpet and staging, just those things alone can bring so much value to the consumer and back in the home owner's pocket. (5:21)

We're adding convenience to retail. So, if it's really convenience that people are looking for, then our solution effectively nets them more money. (6:49)

Compass Concierge