Charlotte Real Estate Talk

Charlotte Real Estate Talk

How's the Market in Charlotte?

August 05, 2021

Scott Pridemore and Mike Hege break down buyer and seller experiences in the Charlotte real estate market.

So if you've entered the market, you're really not too late. You're kind of in a perfect time where inventory is constantly coming on the market, but the reality is, there's not enough supply to equal the demand. (1:13)

If the buyer's looking right now, obviously we pivot and we're very proactive. We see properties right away. We're customizing a strategy for them to win in this current climate and that's what it takes to succeed. (3:11)

We do ask, 'what do you like most about where you live now.' And, if they do speak to parks, if they do speak to walk ability, then, you know, we have certain neighborhoods that we know match up with that criteria. (6:26)

When you have a buyer that's identified the right location for them, they're ready to make an offer, walk through, what is the process like of how you customize the strategy (8:26)