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Leave It To The Prose

Your podcast for science fiction and fantasy literature. Join us as we read and discuss new and old works of speculative fiction.

Poetic Earthlings

Stories and Insights To Spark Your Imagination

Horror Stories Podcast

Horror short stories

A Scary Home Companion

Drinking whiskey in the kitchen and telling scary stories around the fire. Music and mayhem, fearful fiction and furious fact, tall tales an...

Historias Eróticas

Este podcast comparte historias eróticas contigo. Las historias provienen de páginas en el internet y se han publicado por años en format...

Tall Dwarf Tavern

Tall Dwarf Tavern is an actual-play tabletop-role-playing-game podcast set in the Magic: The Gathering multiverse. Yes you read that right, ...

PenDust Radio

A Short Story Podcast — Riveting Fiction and Wildly Creative Nonfiction

Ghosts on a Train

Take a ride on "The Pride of Duskwall", an electric train traveling through ghost infested territory! Our gang of Line Bulls will ensure you...

Fantastic Worlds Podcast

It has been a century since the immortal witch Baba Yaga last visited the world, and the hour draws nigh for her return.

Mud Between Your Toes podcasts

Mud Between Your Toes is a memoir about my life - a gay, white boy growing up during the 1970s Rhodesian Bush War. Despite this dark subject...

Flea Market Fantasy

Each week, we review a different Bronze Age comic from the 1970s and 1980s. Hosted by Mike-DELL & Mike-EL.

The Mountain's Heart

For the first time since a life-altering accident five years ago, Felisa is visiting her family in the Philippines. Afraid of what comes nex...

Eidolon Playtest

Eidolon Playtest is two different actual-play RPG campaigns, releasing every Monday on alternating weeks! The goal of this podcast is to pla...

Behind the Page: The Eli Marks Podcast

Each episode presents a reading of the next chapter from an Eli Marks mystery, along with expert interviews and fun background information....

The Unleashing

The struggle between good and evil starts now

Fuck Humans

In order to live in harmony, Humans and monsters are forbidden from having relations with one another. Will this peace last? *Erotica podca...

Neon Shadows: A Noir Tale

Murder! Mystery! Tragedy! Private investigator Frank Dixon solves the dark secrets of a city in turmoil! An easy going war vet and gumshoe h...

D. J. Swales Gothic & Other Tales

This Top 20* audio-drama podcast in more than a dozen countries features fiction and poetry from Irish author D. J. Swales, who shares the n...