Fantastic Worlds Podcast

Fantastic Worlds Podcast

Latest Episodes

Episode 115 – Love Light
November 17, 2021

In a dark time, the eyes begin to see, I meet a shadow in the deepening shade.

Episode 114 – Fly Fast and Furious
November 02, 2021

Team Torta races to get to Spurhorn, but the shadows that follow may have other plans.

Episode 113 – Demon Daze
October 20, 2021

Team Torta is up against some demons in a race to reach the Aerie, will they make it?

Episode 112 – Abraxas and the Purple Crayon
October 05, 2021

I Am Not a Witch... The Double Headed Eagle... While Chased We Make Haste.

Episode 111 – How To Train Your Pippa
September 22, 2021

Golarion Skyward... Where are We Now, Snow Crunch Weird... Breathe Deep and Seek Peace

Episode 110 – Step on Me
September 08, 2021

Dream a little dream... A little light sparring fun... Make my monster grow!

Episode 109 – Bless This Mess
August 24, 2021

Confusion Shake Free... Menet Remember Promise... Zilvazaraat Free...

Episode 108 – Stop Hitting Yourself
August 10, 2021

Join us, follow it... You keep your promise Menet... How will we survive?

Episode 107 – Veggie Tales
July 28, 2021

It Starts With a Flash... Its Bite is Worse Then It's Bark... Moon Pea Pod Danger

Episode 106 – Great Row of Butts
July 13, 2021

Cat is not a cat.. The stump is sure not a stump.. Don't let it lay eggs