Fantastic Worlds: A Pathfinder Podcast - Official Partner of Paizo

Fantastic Worlds: A Pathfinder Podcast - Official Partner of Paizo

Latest Episodes

Episode 137 – Getting the Icy Shaft
June 13, 2023

An icy shaft appears! Team Torta finds themselves preparing themselves to force their way into a glacial fortress. Wings spread and intel gained, the group realizes that sometimes the best way forward

Episode 136 – Take a Fiadh!
May 30, 2023

No more baddies, just one new ally! Who is this mysterious person who came to Team Tortas aid in their hour of need, and what of their motivations? As friendships are born, the group helps Baknarla w

Episode 135 – “Hole”y Damage
May 16, 2023

A hole bunch of events keep on happening in the entombed area of the Rimekeening Crevasse. An undead ambush of many limbs catches Team Torta off guard, but something even more unexpected happens! Wh

Episode 134 – #NotAllCrocs
May 02, 2023

The adventures within the Rimekeening Crevasse continue, and as a new morning emerges, revelations abound with the new day. Team Torta talks it out, brings up family secrets, the blood of the womb, an

Am I the Villain – Episode 01 – Adventurer or Villain?
February 07, 2023

Welcome to Am I the Villain, our Patreon exclusive dive into Reddit from the perspective of two TTRPG nerds. It's our pilot episode, but Abbie and Dustin have a good time discussing what they find.

Season Finale Message from FWP
November 01, 2022

Just a chaotic message from some chaotic folks about the FWP Season Finale.

Episode 133 – Popping Off at the Worm Prom
September 20, 2022

Team Torta finds themselves in the middle of a Worm Prom tango, but this aint a dance that they want any part of! As the giant worms demand a tussle, the party members bob and weave out of the way. B

Episode 132 – Crystals & Vibe Checks
September 06, 2022

While being peppered by delayed fireballs, Team Torta finds themselves between a rock and a hard place. Fending off crystal shards and crystalline blows alike, the adventurers take to the skies or hol

Episode 131 – Electro Chicken Disco
August 23, 2022

Into the crevasse we go! Team Torta descends into the Rimekeening Crevasse in search of a hero long thought lost. But trouble continues to follow the group wherever they go from the skies, from the

Episode 130 – Hearts and Tears
August 09, 2022

Through tears and rage, Team Torta grapples with the loss of one of their own. But only if they are able to defeat the Ursikkas that threaten them so. The future is foretold and the paths are set. Eac