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Poetic Earthlings

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October 12, 2021

What happens when a man dressed in black  interrupts my family dinner and destroys the season finale. Season 3, Episode 12 Yes My fellow earthlings this is the season 3 finale. Little bit of

Life, Death and Other Distractions
September 27, 2021

Jeff’s lifeless body is wheeled back and forth from the office.The first potential head transplant makes the news. Perhaps my colleague could leave his wheelchair behind but is this just a distraction

You Can Call Me The Collector
September 10, 2021

Urban legend speaks of a man dressed in a black pinstripe suit, gold pocket watch and a fedora. He appears when you least expect him, and he collects what you desperately try to keep. Season 3,

Beast Within
August 30, 2021

There is a beast living inside of us, it could either be a source of strength or destruction. Season 3, Episode 9Earthling Spotlight My special guest is Gordon D Lanyon he is the author of

Connected Dots
August 17, 2021

Some events in our lives seem random like unconnected dots, when we look closer we see the threads. Season 3 Episode 8 If there's no purpose in life than the pursuit of one's pleasure then t

Tom Cruise VS Jesus
August 02, 2021

The Hollywood Superstar or the Chosen One, who will you choose. S3 Episode 7 Jesus has been misunderstood, misscategorized and maligned.He's the most famous man to ever walk the Earth. H

Rebel Leader
July 22, 2021

Don't you wish you can defy the norms and rebel against the system. Our special guest Tiffany C Lewis shows us the way. Earthling Spotlight, ** Bonus EpisodeS3, Ep 6 Have you read a book

Jimmy’s Abduction
July 19, 2021

A certified bigot, an uncanny heist and the coming apocalypse. Humanity hangs in the balance of a simple farmer who pays his taxes and keeps his head down. The clock is ticking, is it too late.

Replacement Wife
July 05, 2021

My wife was replaced by Celeste, She was similar to her in many ways but in other ways more deadly. S3 Ep 4 Special Performance Thank you to Alex from the Time For Your Hobby podcast. Thi

Head Instigator
June 24, 2021

Have you met a person who's the jack of all trades and the master of all. The Head Instigator himself, Timothy Kimo Brien is my special guest on this bonus episode.He's the host of Podwrecked, Clearly Obtuse and Create Art Podcast.