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2022 Podcast Hall of Fame Inductees – PCI 281
February 10, 2022

It's always a joy celebrating and congratulating creators for their hard work. Fortunately, after a break, one of podcasts most well-known and respected honors is back. The 2022 Podcast Hall of Fame i

Podcast Consultants – PCI 280
February 03, 2022

There are many responsibilities that come with being a podcast host and creator. Some of which include: deciding on what type of content to publish, what platforms you’re comfortable being on, and thi

Podcast Advertising Choices – PCI 279
January 27, 2022

Not all podcast advertising is created equal, for instance, a new study says 30 seconds is the best length for an ad. However, depending on where the ad is in the show, it could be better to go longer

Email Lists for Your Podcast – PCI 278
January 20, 2022

Have you worked on something new for your podcast lately? We know that email can seem drab, but it can be vital for reaching your audience in a way that they actually use or respond to. In this episod

The Power of No – PCI 277
January 13, 2022

As with any new year, so comes inevitable change, i.e things deciding to end things but also begin. This week we share stories on reviving the podcaster hall of fame, new podcasts and a few tales on h

Podcasting and the Great Resignation – PCI 276
January 06, 2022

2021 was known for mass quitting and hiring, within many fields and industries and podcasting is no different. We discuss some host changes within popular podcasts, hosts quitting, and available jobs

Special: 2022 Podcast Prediction Show – PCI 275
December 30, 2021

  - For the last show to 2021, we asked our staff and on social what they think might happen in podcasting in 2022.  Today's show is a bit of a format break.  Have a happy new year!  See ya in 2022! -

More Podcast Industry Acquisitions – PCI 274
December 23, 2021

The big companies are buying more podcast assets. Todd and Mike talk about Captivate and Whooshkaa getting acquired. Today is a no-edit show. Everyone have a Happy Holiday! -   - Thanks for joining us

Consider the Podcast Transcript – PCI 273
December 16, 2021

The more mainstream podcasting becomes, the more insistent the need for transcripts are. We urge you (and ourselves) to consider including the podcast transcript when you publish your episodes. There

Podcasting Through the Holidays – PCI 272
December 09, 2021

We suggest you resist the urge to skip episode releases in December and to instead continue podcasting through the holidays. We don't plan on taking any weeks off for December and will continue with o