Podcast Publishing Styles – PCI 342

Choosing Your Podcast Publishing Style

PublishThere are various ways to publish your podcast, each with their own pros and cons. Today we’re getting a bit more Blubrry specific and will be reviewing the ways that you can publish your podcast with Blubrry’s tools and services, specifically our WordPress plugin and internal dashboard publishing platform.

Today’s Hosts: Mike Dell and Todd Cochrane

Clear up any preconceiving notions about publishing with clear explanations

Publishing Your Podcast … With Blubrry’s Two Publishing Options

Via PowerPress and Blubrry Publisher


  • Blubrry PowerPress on a self-hosted WordPress site (We like to call this the Blubrry Way)
    • Lets you own and control the feed address apart from any company or 3rd party
    • Better for SEO (especially for episode search) 
    • Protecting yourself; as long as you have that domain and site, your podcast lives!
    • Gives you place to send your listeners for more information and to know where you will be no matter what happens on the app
  • Blubrry PowerPress on a Blubrry hosted WordPress site
    • Free with hosting plans at Blubrry
    • Most of the advantages of a self hosted site. 
    • Managed WordPress 
    • Very fast feeds and site loading
    • A bit restrictive, no additional plugins or themes
    • Use your own domain with a advanced plan or above at Blubrry

Blubrry Publisher

  • Dashboard Publishing
    • No website but a landing page on Blubrry.com’s directory 
    • Quicklinks page could also be a good landing page (although that isn’t really it’s function)
    • Publish everything right on your Blubrry dashboard
    • Can be used to get started quickly
  • Hosting files only and using some other way to generate an RSS feed (Squarespace, handwriting your own RSS or some other website support for podcasting) 
    • Not used too much
    • Blubrry would only be hosting files and collecting your stats.
    • Most other features would not be used at Blubrry

For more information on how to publish your podcast media, read here on our website.

Blubrry Out & About

Todd and MacKenzie attended NAB Show 2023 (National Association of Broadcasters) this week, (hence the late episode 😬) and they spoke to a number of new and experienced creators. We can’t wait to get to work together. Keep an eye out for a blog post soon recapping their conference experience.

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