Blubrry is Moving and Your Podcast on the Apple Charts – YP032

Big things are happening with Blubrry; we're moving and hiring! The headquarters and development office in Columbus, Ohio, is moving up town into a much larger space. The board just finished its annual meeting and planning session and is excited about the ideas we'll be expanding on in the next year. Some very cool things will be shared with podcasters in the next nine months or so. Todd and Mike talk about Apple Podcasts (iTunes) and how the ranking works (and doesn't work). Apple is cracking down on shows trying to game the system. As Mike heads the support team, he's well aware of how important it can be for podcasters to remember, 'Help us help you' in support. Stick around for the five things you really need to know about your podcast even if you are a very technical person.

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Blubrry is moving to new digs.
RawVoice and Blubrry annual planning meeting.
Manipulating Apple podcast charts: a new (old) way to do this.
Shows found cheating the system: Pulled shows from Apple podcast charts. Five of the top 10 from a few days ago.


Apple Podcasts charts are NOT based on ratings, reviews, downloads or anything other than new subscribers over time (Apple only knows). Also, Apple can (in rare cases) manually place a show. Getting ratings and reviews is NOT going to make you climb the charts. Good for social proof, but that is it.
Just keep making good content: Write blog posts for Google to go along with your show and promote your podcast in appropriate ways, and in the long haul, you will grow your show.


“I get an error… ”  When you contact support and tell us you have “an error” please explain what you are trying to do and where you are trying to do it, what the error is and any other information to let us find the account. In most cases, screenshots are not helpful, live links are better. Tell us where to see the problem you are having. It will save a lot of time in letting us help you.
Five things you MUST know (or learn).

5 things you MUST know about your podcast as a podcaster – Even a non-techie one

Where is your website hosted? (Godaddy, Dreamhost, Squarespace, WordPress.COM or ??)
What is your RSS feed address? RSS feeds are the transmitter for your podcast. Learn it, write it down, save it somewhere, but know your RSS feed!
Where are your media files hosted? (Blubrry, in a folder on your webserver, Amazon… )
What email address you use to log in to
PASSWORDS to everything. Use a password system on your browser like LastPass or something that will help you remember all the passwords.

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