Are you doing your show more harm than Good?


Today while I was looking at show profiles on, yes I do read them I was so very surprised to see that a significant number of shows have really caused themselves to be penalized on the website.

The example I want to show you is a screen capture of a description of a show thats on the site.


This description is pretty funny while I don’t want to rag on the show. They put in their very short description that they are so meta. I’ll be very honest that is not meta in fact the description is ANTI-Meta and the show in question has effectively eliminated themselves from being found and indexed by a search engine.


Here is the crux of this blog post. Please go into your show profiles available via “your settings” and fill out all of the information that we so generously allow you to fill out.


I can guarantee as a listener I am not going to listen to a show that does not have a concise description in their profile. Sadly the show in question is broadcasting this on their home site as well because the data was pulled from their RSS feed.