Hey Music Podcasters

Most music podcasters know that the Podsafe Music Network is a great place to find artists who are friendly to having their music played on podcasts. But there are a couple of other excellent options for finding great independent music that we think you should know about.IODA Promonet

Promonet from IODA is a digital music marketplace that features thousands of tracks from a wide variety of artists that you can play in your podcast. The Promonet interface includes cut and paste embed codes that allow you to link directly to a point of sale for the artist’s music. That means you can play a part in help driving independent music sales. And if you enter your affiliate codes for certain online music stores you can also generate some revenue for driving sales of music.

Amie StreetThe folks over at Amie Street want you to know that music lives there. Even better than that is the fact that Amie Street music comes in DRM-free MP3 format. Once there you can find tools to connect with artists while sampling and buying their music. Tracks cost from free to 99 cents each and are always available in your online music dashboard. Amie Street even rewards your activity on the site with credit towards new music.

Now go forth and use your podcasts to promote independent music artists!