How Do You Surf Media?

Get Songbird

We’ve discovered Songbird recently and you really should check it out if you surf rich media sites. Songbird is a great browser for surfing rich media and podcasting sites like Blubrry, Podcaster News and Tech Podcast Network.

Songbird is build on the Firefox platform and also serves as a desktop media manager. It supports iTunes DRM audio files, mp3, WMA and Quicktime. You can import your iTunes playlists into Songbird as well so you can continue to create playlists in iTunes and purchase music while enjoying the features of Songbird.

Songbird is Open Source so if you’re a developer you can contribute. Or you can just download the app for free and enjoy the features. I highly encourage you to try surfing Blubrry with this very cool browser.

And if you’re looking for an alternative podcatcher you should check PodBreeze. Its a very new app and the developers would like feedback. Definitely worth a try if you want to be able to have input in the next generation of podcatching apps.