Blubrry Partners With TalkShoe

TalkShoe Interactive Podcasting

The Blubrry podcast community is happy to report that we’ve entered into a partnership arrangement with the TalkShoe live interactive podcasting service.

This arrangement facilitates the introduction of the benefits of Blubrry and TalkShoe to members of our rapidly growing podcast communities.

When Blubrry community members login to the site they will now see a link in their dashboard that says. “Create Live Interactive Podcasts”. This links to an internal Blubrry page that gives a deeper explanation of why the TalkShoe service may assist them with enhancing their existing podcast.

Some key features of the TalkShoe service are:

# Participants can talk or text chat live.
# Free audio hosting.
# Record or upload your shows.
# Full host control over Talkcasts.
# Access via phone, Skype or VoIP.
# Monetization opportunities.

TalkShoe is positioning similar links and information on the Blubrry community within their site.

This is one of those instances where a partner truly offers a complimentary and value added service. So we are happy to open up the opportunities to our Blubrry podcasters and also look forward to seeing our community grow as TalkShoe members discover the benefits that Blubrry has to offer.

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  1. I have to say, I love the service that talkshoe offers. I used it to add a once a month listener call in show to my podcast. I schedule a medical expert and gather some other medical podcasters online and then we discuss a particular issue and field calls from listeners, live. When it’s all done I link to the file on talkshoe and add it to my feed and — voila — all my listeners benefit from the show. On top of that, I get a little something for each download. Way cool. Check it out.

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