Hey Microsoft: Let Blubrry Podcasters Market Windows Vista for 100K

Dave Winer points out that Chris Pirillo is willing to market Windows Vista for $1 Million.

Chris’ idea is a great one and certainly a good value for Microsoft’s advertising dollar. Chris’ assertion that, “a mindnumbingly lackluster launch – and the remainder of your media blitz needs to be coherent.” just might be true. And we want you to know that we can help.

For 100K we could give you a million impressions in podcast shows plus prominent links to Windows Vista in the Blubrry profile page for each podcast in the deal. Our podcasts would also place a Windows Vista image link on their primary podcast point of presence. This is huge, worldwide exposure to people who use the web and are passionate about their computers.

Chris points out some great new features in his post and we think that you need to drive this point home by going directly to users. The billboard on 42nd St. is great but most people don’t even look up at it. This is guaranteed exposure we’re offering you at a very fair price.

We can do a $1 million dollar deal as well. We have over 1000 podcasts between Blubrry and our sister site Podcaster News. For $1000 a podcast you could get Windows Vista exposure in 1000 podcasts. Wowza!

Apple has generated a ton of positive marketing just by making the investment in a podcast directory for the iTunes music store. You can now get a similar benefit by engaging podcasters in the biggest ad deal ever.

Podcasters and their audience really appreciate anyone who provides financial support for their cause. So both sides win big here. The podcasters can earn money and you can get the message on Windows Vista right to audiences who frequently use computers and the web.

Any representative of Microsoft who wants to talk can email marketing[at]rawvoice[dot]com. We’ll work day and night to get the deal done and start getting the word out ASAP.

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