Strong Island Podcasting

Long Island Podcast Network Bruce Chambers of the Long Island Podcast Network has scored himself a nice writeup in New York Newsday. As a result, traffic to his podcast increased quite considerably and he’s getting more inquiries as a result.

Congratulations to Bruce on getting this exposure. We do our best here at Blubrry to help raise the profile of all the podcasts within the community. But there’s still plenty that individual podcasters can do to to raise the exposure of their shows.

Consider contacting your local newspaper. Tell them what you’re doing and offer some information on podcasting. Give them your primary web address, email and a phone number where you can be contacted. At some point they will run a story on podcasting and the writer assigned to the project will surely appreciate having a good resource to turn to.

What gives with the title? As a kid growing up in Queens, NY I had some cousins who live way out on Long Island and they had a friend who used to say, “Welcome to Strong Island.”