Not Your Average Gun Girls

Not Your Average Gun Girls

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Gummy Bears, To Film or Not To Film, and Answering YOUR Questions with Amy and Emily
August 23, 2023

Amy and Emily are hanging out in the studio this week to answer your questions! First, they're taste testing some German gummy bears, answer the recent trending question "should we get involved in sce

Getting Comfortable in Uncomfortable Situations with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion Jocelyn Castillo
August 16, 2023

There are many ways to protect yourself in sticky situations, but Jocelyn Castillos go-to tool is, well, herself. After a career ending injury while training to become an MMA fighter, Jocelyn turned

Back to the Basics: Every Day Personal Safety Tips
August 09, 2023

After a break of being on the road, the girls are back in the studio today and they're taking this episode back to the basics! Whether these basic tips are new to you, or one's you've heard time after

Deprogrammed from Woke College Brainwashing with Annabella Rockwell
August 02, 2023

It's a no brainer that today's modern college campus climates favor the left (and shut you down if you think otherwise). After spending her college years drinking the Kool Aid of leftist ideology, Ann

Creating a Space for Conservative Culture with “POPlitics” and “The Spillover” Host Alex Clark
July 26, 2023

Alex Clark is back! Sitting down this week with Amy and Emily, Alex gives insight into all of the change in her life since the last time we spoke. Known as the host of POPlitics, Alex has now dove int

Changing Your Life Through Breathing with Certified Breathwork Practitioner and Transformation Expert Ali Levine
July 19, 2023

Self described as a Certified Breathwork Practitioner and Transformation Expert, Ali Levine sits down with Amy and Emily to discuss all things conscious breathing and exercises that will regulate both

Helping Women Take Back Control of their Health and Hormones (ft. Emily Detrick)
July 12, 2023

Emily Detrick, otherwise known as "littleraeofsunshine" if you follow her on Instagram, is your next hormone health bestie and we learn everything we need to know about birth control and hormonal heal

The Journey of Becoming a Full Time Firearms Instructor Overnight with “Some Chick Who Shoots” Paige Roux
July 07, 2023

Paige Roux had the dream of becoming a wedding planner, but when the pandemic came, her and her family's gun ranges were hit with an influx of new shooters who were looking for education, Paige became

Getting Kids Passionate About the Outdoors with “Pass It On” Founder & Avid Hunter Kendall Jones
June 30, 2023

Our favorite huntress is back! The one and only Kendall Jones joins Amy + Emily again on this week's episode and we're chatting all things hunting (no surprise there!). Kendall tells us all about her

Sitting Down with the Conservative Barbie Lydia Shaffer
June 28, 2023

Lydia Shaffer, otherwise known as Conservative Barbie, joins the girls this week live from YWLS and gives us insight into her accidentally journey in becoming a Conservative Influencer. As a hairstyli