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Live Well Forever (with Dave Stickland)
February 20, 2022

Ok, chances are you and I won’t live *forever*. But, what’s your health plan to be healthy and active into your 90s? If you are 50 now, that’s 40 more years. Will you spend those years living, or just

Self-Esteem in a Selfie World (with Shobha Nihalani)
February 05, 2022

Social media can be a fantastic way of sharing and connecting with people around the world. Yet, it can also bring a dark side as we compare ourselves to the perfect lives presented by others. I suspe

Focusing on Wellness for a Great Midlife (with Dave Conley)
January 16, 2022

Dave Conley, author of the upcoming book, “Muberty: The Guide for Going from Midlife Crisis to Kickass Midlife”, is not a doctor, but he has taken control of his health as a key step to his amazing mi

Pursuing Your Dreams in Midlife (with James Burbage)
December 29, 2021

“If I don’t at least try with everything I have for the rest of my life, I’m going to die with unrealized dreams and goals. And that would break my heart.” ~ James Burbage   Sometimes when we get to m

Midlife Reinvention After a Marriage Ends (with Laura Friedman Williams)
December 18, 2021

Laura Friedman Williams went from happily married for over 20 years to blindsided by her husband’s affair. Divorced, she began a midlife journey of breaking out of her cocoon and rediscovering and rei

Getting Fit Over 50, Best Shape of My Life, Working with a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach Update
November 27, 2021

No guests this episode. Just checking in and updating you on the progress I’ve made getting in the best shape of my life after 50 by working with a personal trainer and fitness coach. Your fitness pat

Rock Your Midlife: 7 Steps to Transform Yourself (with Dr. Ellen Albertson)
November 21, 2021

Dr. Ellen Albertson, aka The Midlife Whisperer, is back on Midlife Mastery. Her previous appearance is consistently one of the most popular episodes of this show and now she has a new book out called

Ordinary Guy, Exceptional Fitness (with Blaine Wood)
November 13, 2021

Ever look at the middle age action actors or the guys on the covers of fitness magazines, wish you could be that fit? But then you dismiss the possibility because they get paid to be in that shape and

Regaining Control of Our Lives in Midlife (with The Midlife Mentors)
November 06, 2021

Super excited to have Claire and James Davis, aka The Midlife Mentors, on today. They bring their full-on joy and enthusiasm for living an amazing midlife and helping others do the same. They share: H

Becoming a Midlife Entrepreneur (with Dwayne Holland)
October 26, 2021

Have you ever thought about starting a business in midlife? Dreamed of leaving the 9 to 5 and being your own boss? Or maybe you’ve already started one and are finding it tougher than expected. Today’s