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Standing Out in a Sea of Sameness (with John Livesay)
May 29, 2021

How do you set yourself apart from all the others? Whether it’s in your business, career, sidehustle, or just in life, the key is though connecting with others through better communication and storyte

Unleashing Your Inner Midlife Badass (with Craig Sweeney)
May 22, 2021

“I think there’s so many folks out there that, that think of aging. In midlife as a point whereby which everything is downhill from here. And I certainly haven’t hit my stride yet. And my future is br

Rocking Your Midlife (with Ellen Albertson, Ph.D.)
May 17, 2021

Ever wonder what people who are rocking their midlife do differently? Ellen Albertson, Ph.D. (aka The Midlife Whisperer) shares: The connection between food and your mental state (and how to use that

How We Became Debt Free
May 06, 2021

I have hesitated to release this episode, because talking about money can incite some strong opinions and deeply held beliefs.  But, ultimately, mastering midlife includes finances and becoming debt f

Networking, Personal Branding, and Career Changes After 50 (with Jennifer McClure)
April 24, 2021

Jennifer McClure, business advisor, speaker, podcaster, and former HR executive, shares how she: Networks in a natural way that works, even for those who hate…

Living to 120 and Reaching Your Full Potential Along the Way (with Don MacPherson)
April 17, 2021

Don MacPherson, CEO of 12 Geniuses and a self-described polymath-in-training, pushes me to rethink a lot of things about how I’m approaching life. Some of…

Get Up, Get Dressed, Get Going (with Amy Schmidt)
March 27, 2021

Amy Schmidt discusses several key ideas to facing fears and approaching midlife enthusiastically. She talks about getting past perfectionism and “starting ugly”, embracing now, advantages…

Thoughts, Updates, and Thank Yous
March 27, 2021

A quick solo episode thanking listeners for input (shoutout to John MacDonald), countries with most downloads, top three episodes, and the start of half-marathon training.…

Changing Your Narrative (with Jill Stelfox)
March 12, 2021

Jill Stelfox, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, community leader, and passionate developer of people typically helps businesses change their narrative. But today, she joins me to discuss…

Midlife is a Gift (with Tiffany Eckhardt)
February 14, 2021

Tiffany Eckhardt guests on Midlife Mastery to discuss the benefits of midlife, a framework for managing your mind, how to create your future from your…