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Episode 50: Never Too Late
June 05, 2022

Something a little different today to celebrate the 50th episode of Midlife Mastery. The other day, I came across a post I wrote on my blog a few years ago about midlife and wanted to share it here:

Being “Fine” is a Trap (with Lori Saitz)
May 27, 2022

In midlife, many find themselves solidly in their comfort zone, where everything is fine. But, “fine” is a dangerous place where life turns stagnant and dreams die. Lori Saitz, CEO of Zen Rabbit and h

Caregiver Support and Alzheimer’s (with Matt Yaroch)
May 13, 2022

Matt Yaroch, CMO for I-Ally, is not in midlife. But what he shares can and likely will affect us all in some way. In our conversation, we discuss several things I was not aware of: It’s not just midli

Climbing Midlife’s Mountains (with Jackie and Ray Hope)
May 07, 2022

Jackie and Ray Hope are on a mission to redefine what “over the hill” means and are a great example of people taking on new challenges in midlife. Rather than settling into their comfort zones, at 50

What Are You Waiting For? (with Lisa Speers)
April 18, 2022

Lisa Speers describes herself as a “midlife enthusiast” and her journey is one many of us can relate to. As she turned 50, she realized she had lost herself along the way through life and decided she

Creating Audacious Change in Midlife (with Adrienne Shubin)
April 15, 2022

A little over two years ago, Adrienne Shubin, author of the Change Your Midlife blog, began transforming her life. Starting with going alcohol free for 30 days, it evolved into staying alcohol free, s

Boosting The Longevity Economy (with Andi Kay)
March 26, 2022

Andi Kay is an advocate for aging as well as you possibly can and passionate about helping people who help others to age healthier, wealthier, and happier. To this end, she is the founder of Aging Moj

Taking Control of Your Time (with John MacDonald)
February 26, 2022

John MacDonald returns to Midlife Mastery. Last time, we discussed focusing on what you can control and it remains one of the most downloaded episodes. In this episode, we discuss the importance (and

Live Well Forever (with Dave Stickland)
February 20, 2022

Ok, chances are you and I won’t live *forever*. But, what’s your health plan to be healthy and active into your 90s? If you are 50 now, that’s 40 more years. Will you spend those years living, or just

Self-Esteem in a Selfie World (with Shobha Nihalani)
February 05, 2022

Social media can be a fantastic way of sharing and connecting with people around the world. Yet, it can also bring a dark side as we compare ourselves to the perfect lives presented by others. I suspe