Live Behind The Veil

Live Behind The Veil

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The Joy Set Before Us !
September 02, 2022

Summary: What is the Joy of the Lord? Does discipline bring joy? Is the Joy of the Lord an all or nothing type of thing? Show Notes: There are various experiences and expressions of joy Joy is tied into Love In His presence is fullness of joy

The Different Aspects Of Joy
August 18, 2022

Summary: There is no working up a joy in the human nature So, how do we get joy, or the joy of the Lord? When you have His joy, share it with everyone you meet Show Notes: • Why did the angel say: “good news of great joy”? • Can we suffer and still have j

Let’s Create One Another
August 15, 2022

Summary: How do you see your neighbor? How do you see your family? Show Notes: • We want to see as the Lord sees • Are we able to create another person? • “Lord, show me what to speak to that person” References: 1 Samuel 16:7 NIV But the Lord said to Samu

Learning The Voice Of The Lord
August 09, 2022

Summary: The Lord is speaking, are we listening? My sheep know My voice, and a stranger they will not follow. Show Notes: • God can and does speak through a host of various vessels • When someone is speaking and there is condemnation in it, that is not th

When We Pray Together
August 04, 2022

Summary: What happens when we pray together? Just what does it mean to “confess our sins to one another?” We do not need to know specifics to a problem to take it to the Lord. Show Notes: • How do we overcome the fiery darts of the enemy? • Some things ca

Relationship Based On Thanksgiving
July 30, 2022

Summary: Being thankful is not always easy, it is a learned response Giving thanks places God in control over your life Thanksgiving to God shows that you trust Him Show Notes: • “He is enthroned upon the praises of Israel” • Do not forget to give thanks

Grace To Become And To Do
July 26, 2022

Summary: Rules do not have grace in them and there is no earning grace. What happens to the initial salvation where joy and love are so real? Rules, without grace, create condemnation which are not in Christ Show Notes: • It is through grace that we can a

Worship, Works And The Kingdom Of God
July 18, 2022

Summary: Each of us have jobs or talents, how can we use them in serving one another for God’s glory? It is not about our faith nor abilities; it is about His faith and His abilities. Show Notes: • God looks to the heart, not a position nor ability • When

Creating Worshipers
July 02, 2022

Summary: Do we stop our worship just because we go to “work”? To fulfill the greatest commandment, we must Love the Lord our God (or worship Him) with our whole being and in everything that we do. Show Notes: • Put God first in all that we do • Even in ou

Ears To Hear Are Created
June 25, 2022

Summary: As we hear the Word of the Lord, then we can speak that Word Paul was Pharisee of the Pharisees, yet it took Jesus meeting him on the road to Damascus for him to honestly hear the Word. Show Notes: • If there is no hearing, then there will be no