Live Behind The Veil

Live Behind The Veil

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The Heart Of A Servant – Part 4
February 03, 2023

Summary:Can you be a servant without a revelation of Jesus Christ in your life? As youset yourself to serve the family of God, God creates within you a heart of aservant.Show Notes: God establishes within the hearts of His people a bond servant's heart.

The Heart Of A Servant – Part 3
January 30, 2023

Summary:How many people today aspire to become a servant? God gave apostles, prophets,evangelists, pastors, and teachers to be the servants of the Body of Christ; to equip themfor the work of service. Everyone in Christ's family is to have a servant's hea

The Heart Of A Servant Part – 2
January 21, 2023

SummaryIn this day, God is creating in His sons a servant's heart. Christ is our exampleand out of His obedience and love for His Father; He served Him and those whothe Father gave Him. This is the heart of a servant and is to be our heart also.Show Notes

The Heart Of A Servant Part-1
January 10, 2023

Summary:Peter, do you love me? Tend My lambs, Shepherd My sheep, Tend Mysheep from John 21 gives the heart of Jesus for Peter to be a servant.The seven chosen in Acts 6 are examples for us also.Show Notes: Humbling ourselves and knowing His love is the b

Shepherd or Sheep – Who Am I Lord?
December 27, 2022

Summary:Is it possible to be a shepherd and a sheep at the same time?Lets look at Jesus as our example: washing the feet of the disciples, hewas as a sheep to the Father and a shepherd serving the disciples.Show Notes: We could be a sheep one day and a

A View Into A Shepherd’s Heart
December 18, 2022

Summary:Do you think that anyone can have a shepherds heart?A true shepherd does not have a position, yet has given all for the sheep.Show Notes: One cannot shepherd Gods sheep without having His heart There is a balance that is not so easy to see with

The Heart Of A True Prophet Part 2
December 13, 2022

Summary:Can a prophet be a woman? Consider Deborah in Judges 4How can one tell if another is a prophet or not? Try or prove them.Next to their relationship with the Lord is the compassion for thepeople they carry in their hearts.Show Notes: First and for

The Heart Of A True Prophet Part-1
December 07, 2022

Summary:How does a true prophet function in this day?What are some of the requirements of a prophet?We discuss this briefly in this podcast.Show Notes: A prophet hears what God has to say to the people and hears thecries of the people as God did when the

God Simply Moves Through You!
December 02, 2022

Summary:Do we limit God in how He chooses to move?Can we accept that God moves through human vessels?Lets give God His voice on this earth and see Him glorified.Show Notes: Through our weakness, He is strong, He is glorified We are His mouth pieces; we

A Hunger For A New Day
November 26, 2022

Summary:Are you satisfied with your life and relationship with the Lord?Just how far is the Lord from us? How close is the Lord to us?Is there a hunger to know more about who the Lord is?Show Notes: When He imparts to us or leads us, are we obedient? Do