Live Behind The Veil

Live Behind The Veil

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God's Fire - The Expression Of His Love To Know Me
May 01, 2022

Summary: What is the Fire all about? People tend to know “about” God; not only do we want to actually “know” God, but for Him to “know” us also. How does the Fire introduce God to me? Show Notes: • The fire produces a stability for my life. • Satan

Training By Fire - Steps To Your Purification
April 26, 2022

Summary: The fire comes to purify us so that we can have a close relationship with the Lord What does the fire burn? Why do we go through trials and testing ’s? Show Notes: • The fire has a dual purpose, the destruction of the “bad” and the bringing o

An Introduction To Spiritual Warfare
April 17, 2022

Summary: Spiritual warfare is something that all who have accepted Christ is going to go through, because He scourges every son that He receives. There is help in making it through the testing’s or warfare, through the Holy Spirit and having others pray

A Hunger Cry!
April 12, 2022

Summary: Even knowing the Lord, and the Holy Spirit; there is a cry in our hearts to know them even more We too often settle for a thimble full, when asking for an avalanche. Show Notes: • In all of our combined years, there is one thing we know, and t

Forgiveness A Key To Your Deliverance
April 11, 2022

Summary: What does forgiveness really mean? Can we forgive those who have violated the core of our very being? Without forgiveness, we cannot be forgiven. Show Notes: • Are we harboring anything against another because we cannot forgive? • Forgive yo

The Living And Abiding Word Of God Part 3
April 09, 2022

Summary: In the Word/Bible, we find our relationship with the Father verified through the confirmation of the Holy Spirit. Jesus knew the scriptures and was filled with the Holy Spirit when tempted by Satan. Show Notes:

The Living And Abiding Word of God Part-2
April 06, 2022

Summary: There is no beginning nor an end to Him or His word “ In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” Can the Word become flesh again? Show Notes: • The Word is alive and grows each day. • He is the Alpha an

The Living And Abiding Word Of God Part-1
April 03, 2022

Summary: The scriptures are in fact the living word of God What are we supposed to get out of reading them? Show notes: • There is a difference between talking about God and speaking His word. • “When I pray to God, I talk to Him. When I read the

Will You Be Aware?
March 20, 2022

Summary: Do we get so focused that we are not aware of what is around us? There is so much “noise” around us vying for our focus. Practice His Presence, we do not want to miss the little things. Show Notes: • Will you be aware? • It is the little acts of

A Man After God's Heart
March 20, 2022

Summary: Just how difficult or simple is it to find God’s heart? Many times our gut feeling is tied to God’s heart. Show Notes: • Let’s talk about the Heart of God • We open our hearts to Him, and He reveals His heart to us. • “Create in me a clean heart