Live Behind The Veil

Live Behind The Veil

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Our Life Beyond The Cross
April 29, 2023

Summary:As we are being enveloped in His love, we are finding that there is a relationship to the Father beyond the cross. He is not relating to us as He did in days gone by. He is relating to us in a new way and it therefore requires us to relate to Him

Our Foundation – His Love
April 26, 2023

Summary:It's out of our love for our Father that we draw nigh to Him. Our whole drive, everything we do is based on our relationship to our Father. If I can love the Lord, I can begin to walk in the second part of the great commandment to love my neighbo

Experience God
April 24, 2023

Summary:Just how big is the God you believe in?How much do you want to experience or know about God? Show Notes: We must be willing and have a desire to know about God How hungry are we to know God in all His vastness? A person will recei

A Fixed Focus
April 20, 2023

Summary:As we continually expose ourselves to God, we find that many of the things that we have struggled with are simply wiped away. This continual focus on the Lord enables us to give back to God what He has always desired from us; a people who worship

Creating Relationships With God’s Love
April 14, 2023

Summary:Relationships start with Gods love. Everything in God is based on relationships.He wants people to love with His love.Friends and acquaintances are important, a simple smile can create a lifelong relationship. Show Notes:Do we want t

Our Open Door To Live In Our Father’s Heart
April 12, 2023

Summary: Our relationship with our Father is created by experiences. By voicing You are my Father, I am your son. He abides in us and we abide in Him. The words He speaks are spirit and life. His presence is everything to us.Show Notes: He real

Obedience Of Sons
April 03, 2023

Summary:Are we going to obey? When the Nature of Christ is worked us, itis no longer a thought as we have the mind of Christ. Show notes: The Golden Calf was built out of disobedience. Moses hit the rock out of disobedience. The importanc

Interpretation Or Revelation?
March 27, 2023

Summary:Are we interpreting what the scripture says? Or are we gettingRevelation?It is the Holy Spirit that reveals Jesus and all that the Father has givenHim.Without hunger, there will be no reaching into to get a revelation.Today if you Hear my v

Our Focus In Distressing Times
March 24, 2023

Summary:Where is our focus?Everything comes at all of us to cause distractions and draw our focusaway from what the Holy Spirit is saying.Many millennia have passed and no one has made this world unified or aParadiseThere is one thing we are instr

Without Observation
March 20, 2023

Summary:God is moving by His Spirit without observation inmany areas. He reveals Himself to His family and all creation. Show notes: Gift ministries, gifts of the Holy Spirit, so much was releasedand so much without observation. I have