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Legal Bits for Business

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Thea Lopatka Episode 101
September 25, 2019

Legal Bits Episode #101 – High Steaks Almost every entrepreneur is unafraid of risk. Starting a business – especially with an idea for a new market – is risky. The chance of success is what makes it tempting, and the chance of failure is what makes most p

Tricia Nissen Episode 100
September 18, 2019

Legal Bits Episode #100 – The Century Mark A legacy matters, and a business owner understands the value in celebrating a legacy. If a farm is both recognized by an official program and stays in the family for 100 years, the farm is officially recorded as

David Schlotfeldt Episode 99
September 11, 2019

Legal Bits Episode #99 – Lifelong Developer    If an opportunity presents itself, an entrepreneur seizes the moment. Even if the plan said to wait or to start at a different point, the keen businessperson understands the opening is critical to success. Wi

Rose McKinney Episode 98
September 04, 2019

Legal Bits Episode #98 – What’s In A Name   A good business uses an effective name to describe either what or how things get done. For some businesses, picking a name can be easy. Other businesses need more creativity to put a message in a business name.

Amy Lokken Episode 97
August 28, 2019

Legal Bits Episode #97 – Assembling Success Imagine being able to piece together a business. Then, better yet, when a new opportunity or need pops up, imagine being able to pivot and maintain the same level of professionalism in an instant. Most entrepren

Episode 96 Michelle Lubich
August 22, 2019

Legal Bits Episode #96 – Home Grown Many businesspeople choose careers in a field they understand or where they expect to excel. For entrepreneurs, the drive goes a bit deeper, as a business owner wants to care about the business. With personal motivation

Sandra Julian Episode 95
August 16, 2019

Legal Bits Episode #95 – Picture This It is a common misconception to think passions must overlap. For some, a motivation and a job may work together in perfect harmony. Many entrepreneurs, however, build multiple venues for passions. Rather than steal en

Mollie Michura Episode 94
August 07, 2019

Legal Bits Episode #94 – Hawaiian Tan in Hours   A personal problem can lead to a great business idea, because chances are someone else has the same problem. The difference between a problem solver and an entrepreneur is making the solution a business and

Rachel Schromen Episode 93
August 02, 2019

Legal Bits Episode #93 – Law of Preparation   Life often moves a million miles an hour. In those moments of potential chaos, being prepared makes it more manageable. Sometimes it is impossible to be truly ready for the twists and turns to come, though a l

Susan Michaletz Episode 92
July 28, 2019

Legal Bits Episode #92 – Cheesy Business   A career change can bring about incredible results. For some, the change is necessary due to factors beyond their control. Others seek a second career due to stagnation or change in life circumstances. The change