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Ep. #766: Black Eyes
April 05, 2023

Black Eyes discuss the twentieth anniversary reissue of their self-titled debut on Dischord Records and their first three shows in decades, Washington D.C. life in a post-Fugazi, post-hardcore era, musical wildness and recording with Ian MacKaye, how you

Ep. #765: Hayden
April 03, 2023

Hayden discusses his lovely new album, Are We Good, hair checks and fake IDs, opening bands and why New Zealand feels like a second home, the power of Feist, the Tom Hanks timeline, slapping the bass, nostalgia, reflection, and invention in songwriting, c

Ep. #764: Mudhoney
March 30, 2023

Mark Arm discusses the excellent new Mudhoney album, Plastic Eternity, Sub Pop life and people collecting vinyl records and cassette tapes, cults, social media, and the things that people want to believe, Pere Ubu’s Tom Herman and Pink Floyd’s David Gilmo

Ep. #763: The New Pornographers
March 28, 2023

Carl Newman discusses the New Pornographers and their new album, Continue as a Guest, kitties and Neko Case, Woodstock, Big Pink, and Levon Helm, playing on a cruise ship with Neko and Jeff Tweedy, topical songwriting and pondering the pandemic, isolation

Ep. #762: Chandler Levack
March 21, 2023

Chandler Levack discusses her beautiful, funny directorial debut, I Like Movies, Toronto life and her family history, being a film critic and a filmmaker, teenage angst and anticipation, narrative autobiography, I Like Movies’ remarkable cast and acclaim,

Ep. #761: Jokermen
March 16, 2023

Ian Grant and Evan Laffer discuss their excellent Jokermen podcast, which explores the work of people like Bob Dylan, the Velvet Underground, and the Fall among others, David Berman and Silver Jews, Dub Thompson, Ought, and American Football, music journa

Ep. #760: Nathan Macintosh
March 14, 2023

Nathan Macintosh talks about his hilarious new special, Money Never Wakes, being upbeat in a raging world, self-awareness and anger, why were turning into ooze, telephones and remembering things, DVDs and streaming, living in New York, his comedy origin

Ep. #759: The Rutabega
March 07, 2023

Joshua Hensley and Garth Mason discuss their band the Rutabega and their excellent new album, Leading Up To, being immunocompromised during a pandemic, the sunny arrangements, bright singing, and heavy lyrics on their new record, working on the cover art

Ep. #758: Murray A. Lightburn
February 28, 2023

Murray A. Lightburn discusses his emotional new album, Once Upon a Time in Montreal, how its narrative is inspired by the romance between his mother and late father, a man he never really got to know, parenting during a pandemic, communicating via music,

Ep. #757: U.S. Girls
February 23, 2023

Meg Remy discusses the new U.S. Girls album Bless This Mess, making and raising twins, parenting perspectives, provocative new music videos, progress and private property, Daedalus, Icarus, and Stanley Kubrick, the irrational fear of death, surviving vs.