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Ep. #780: Jason P. Woodbury
June 06, 2023

Jason P. Woodbury discusses his project JPW and its debut album, Something Happening / Always Happening, growing up and finding music in Arizona, his entry into music journalism and contributing to Aquarium Drunkard, the time I was on his Transmissions po

Ep. #779: Kevin Morby
June 01, 2023

Kevin Morby discusses his new album More Photographs (A Continuum), the continuing resonance of This is a Photograph, tragic Tennessee figures like Big Stars Chris Bell, the collapse of Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies, youth, aging, and dying, lovi

Ep. #778: Protomartyr
May 30, 2023

Joe Casey discusses the new Protomartyr album, Formal Growth in the Desert, selling his childhood home and losing his mother and other family members, music-making viability in a pandemic, having his home repeatedly burglarized and deeper societal issues,

Ep. #777: Ky
May 25, 2023

Ky discusses their stirring debut album, Power is the Pharmacy, remembering Joni Sadler, leaving Ottawa for Montreal, co-founding the Error 403 studio and being a recording engineer, academic pursuits and searching for a feeling, classical music, challeng

Ep. #776: Zoon
May 23, 2023

Daniel Monkman discusses the new Zoon album, Bekka Ma'iingan, climate change and The Nature of Things, the hardships of touring and why Europe gets it right, grieving and mental health, collaborating with Owen Pallett and Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo, what “

Ep. #775: Will Oldham & Lori Damiano
May 16, 2023

Will Oldham and Lori Damiano discuss their beautiful and funny new childrens book, Shortys Ark, gardening and horses, what childrens books are like, zoos and this Live Sea Otter Cam, wild illustrations, the circuitous origin of the song Shortys Ark,

Ep. #774: L CON
May 09, 2023

L CON discusses her lovely, revealing new album, The Isolator, the Guelph geese, creative instincts, existential anxiety, and embracing vulnerability, secret rules, exploring her Swiss-Canadian heritage and the alphorn, piano and parts work, climbing Swis

Ep. #773: William Tyler
May 02, 2023

William Tyler discusses his band, the Impossible Truth, and their new live double-album, Secret Stratosphere, Tennessee politics and America in a socio-political stalemate, things that mass and social media have done and does to us, truth, communication,

Ep. #772: Friendly Rich
April 27, 2023

Friendly Rich discusses his poignant and pointed new album, Man Out of Time, beard perceptions, working remotely with fewer but still very impressive musical collaborators, imposter syndrome and being in the room with heroes, French and English, the end o

Ep. #771: Harrison
April 25, 2023

Harrison discusses the making of and inspiration behind his new album, Birds, Bees, The Clouds & The Trees, life in Toronto, gaming and escapism, different ways to be a professional musician, the birds and the bees, the great outdoors, multilayered al