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Ep. #760: Nathan Macintosh
March 14, 2023

Nathan Macintosh talks about his hilarious new special, Money Never Wakes, being upbeat in a raging world, self-awareness and anger, why were turning into ooze, telephones and remembering things, DVDs and streaming, living in New York, his comedy origin

Ep. #759: The Rutabega
March 07, 2023

Joshua Hensley and Garth Mason discuss their band the Rutabega and their excellent new album, Leading Up To, being immunocompromised during a pandemic, the sunny arrangements, bright singing, and heavy lyrics on their new record, working on the cover art

Ep. #758: Murray A. Lightburn
February 28, 2023

Murray A. Lightburn discusses his emotional new album, Once Upon a Time in Montreal, how its narrative is inspired by the romance between his mother and late father, a man he never really got to know, parenting during a pandemic, communicating via music,

Ep. #757: U.S. Girls
February 23, 2023

Meg Remy discusses the new U.S. Girls album Bless This Mess, making and raising twins, parenting perspectives, provocative new music videos, progress and private property, Daedalus, Icarus, and Stanley Kubrick, the irrational fear of death, surviving vs.

Ep. #756: Quasi
February 21, 2023

Janet Weiss and Sam Coomes talk about their beautiful band Quasi and their excellent 10th album, Breaking the Balls of History, Janets long, hard recovery from a debilitating 2019 car accident and how much more joy she's gotten from drumming ever since,

Ep. #755: Pierre Kwenders
February 16, 2023

Pierre Kwenders discusses his new No No No EP and winning the 2022 Polaris Music Prize for his LP, Jos Louis and the Paradox of Love, cities like Edmonton, Kinshasa, and Montreal, life in the Democratic Republic of Congo, rumba and Celine Dion, singing i

Ep. #754: Baron Vaughn
February 14, 2023

Baron Vaughn discusses his upcoming show at Just for Laughs Vancouver, his Comedy Central show The New Negroes with Baron Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle, his theatrical studies, wordplay, and getting into stand-up, agoraphobia and racism, comedy pigeonholes,

Ep. #753: Andy Shauf
February 09, 2023

Andy Shauf discusses his compelling new album Norm, thoughts about a perceived Andy Shauf multiverse, narrative inspiration from George Saunders and Nicholas Olson, employing synthesizers for various reasons, god and Seinfeldia, touring again, other futur

Ep. #752: Yo La Tengo
February 07, 2023

Ira Kaplan discusses the lovely new Yo La Tengo album, This Stupid World, health, wellness, and the movies, writing and recording the new album in an unusual way, longevity and external expectations, John McEntire and Rick Moranis, remembering Dallas Good

Ep. #751: Noah23
February 02, 2023

Noah23 discusses his brilliant new album, Ikosi Tria, numerology, synchronicity, temporality, pharmacology, sanity, reality, hilarity, hip-hop superiority, future plans and much more. Supported by you on Patreon, Pizza Trokadero, the Booksh