Just Fly Performance Podcast

Just Fly Performance Podcast

374: Chris Scott on Pushing Plyometric Limits and Understanding Adaptability in Explosive Training

August 31, 2023

Today’s podcast features strength and parkour coach, Chris Scott.  Chris has a degree in Sports Therapy and works at “Jump” gym in the UK.  Chris is an accomplished athlete in the parkour and acrobatics realm, who also holds a high level of bodyweight strength, doing single-arm pullups, and deadlifting in the realm of 3x bodyweight.

Parkour, as a sport, is one that not only highlights adaptability to one’s environment but is also remarkably “plyometric” in nature.  The leaps that parkour athletes make resemble long and triple jumps in track and field but in a highly variable fashion.  The learning that comes out of variability, makes parkour a sport whose plyometric component can be highly transferrable, or a “donor sport” to other more traditional athletic endeavors.

Chris’s skill as a parkour athlete has allowed him to train and perform extremely high depth drops and depth jumps, dropping from over 8 feet in the air, into a landing.  Chris has used the recent winter to explore an emphasis on the high-intensity drop training variable, to see how it transfers into other aspects of his reactivity, athleticism, and strength.  Training drops have played a large part in the preparation of other athletes, such as Adam Archuleta, owner of one of the NFL Combine performances of all time.

On today’s podcast, Chris talks about the results of his high drop training and has it has impacted his athleticism.  We also go into single-leg drop training compared to double-leg drop training, and the related implications. We also discuss the impacts of drop training in general, seasonal training aspects, experiential aspects of parkour-type training, variability in jumping, “impulse” training, and more.

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Timestamps and Main Points
4:43 – Chris’s athletic background in parkour, and how it has influenced his current perspective on movement, training, and coaching

6:43 – Chris’s experimentation with very high-depth drops, and how it impacted his dynamic jumping ability and strength levels

17:43 – Thoughts on the possibility of a high volume of altitude drops segmenting the way an athlete performs a jump dynamically

26:42 – Discussing single-leg altitude hops and hurdle hops in athletic performance

34:42 – How Chris was able to maintain his strength levels while doing a depth drop-oriented training phase with less emphasis on weightlifting (with 1x day a week doing eccentric oriented flywheel squats)

38:42 – Seasonal training aspects, featuring parkour outdoors, and larger box drops indoors in the winter

42:11 – “Combo” movements, such as a series of jumps, coupled with a precision landing in parkour, and the subsequent training effectiveness

48:41 – The experiential, play-based nature of parkour, and fun plyometric-oriented training movements

52:41 – Infusing variability into common plyometric training methods

1:01:40 – When to use time frames, vs. more standard set/rep schemes in plyometrics

1:08:40 – Impulse straps, tendinopathy, and training the bone end of the tendon

Chris Scott Quotes
“It felt better to rebound out of (an 8-foot drop) than to stick”...