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Jung in the World | Image or Art? with Nora Swan-Foster
November 15, 2023

Transcript Nora Swan-Foster, Jungian Analyst, author, and art therapist, joins Patricia Martin to discuss Jung, the Red Book, art therapy, and the art-making process. Nora Swan-Foster, MA, ATR-BC, LPC

Jungian Ever After | Briar Rose: Awakening & Transformation
October 25, 2023

Our final episode of season 1 is a story near and dear to Raisa. This episode gets a lot more personal than some, as we discuss periods of awakening and transformation from various points in our own l

Jung in the World | The Collective Break Down: Technology, Individualism & the Future with Jean Twenge
October 02, 2023

Transcript Bestselling author Jean Twenge reveals the effects of technology on the collective, based on her research on generational differences. Twenges interview with Patricia Martin answers the qu

Drinking from the River of Light: Creativity & Resilience with Mark Nepo
September 04, 2023

Transcript Bestselling poet Mark Nepo joins Patricia Martin in conversation about our creative lives and nurturing expression to bear witness to the sorrow, depth, and joy of life. Mark Nepo is a poet

Jungian Ever After | Little Red Riding Hood: Sex & Violence
July 20, 2023

Applications for the Jungian Psychotherapy Program and Jungian Studies Program have reopened! Apply now to secure your place. The story is Little Red Cap this time, better known as Little Red Ridin

Jungian Ever After | Snow White Part 2: Anima/Animus
June 26, 2023

Our part 2 coverage of Snow White discusses Anima/Animus and how it has shaped the way people perceive and project gender roles at varying points in history. The story is fromHousehold Tales by Brot

Healing Cinema | Tár
June 07, 2023

Transcript: HTML | PDF Weve reached 50% of our Spring Fundraising Drive goal of $30,000! We need your support so our podcast, courses, and training programs can continue to education Jungian Analysts

Jung in the World | Technology & the Self 3: Myth, Archetypes, and Avatar Personas in Online Games with Patrick Jagoda
May 15, 2023

Video Available on YouTube University of Chicago Professor and online game designer Patrick Jagoda, PhD talks with Patricia Martin about ways that online games and new media apply Jungian theory to cr

Jungian Ever After | Snow White Part 1: Archetypal Evil
May 02, 2023

Snow White is one of the most recognized fairy tale stories and characters but, as usual, not many people are familiar with the Grimm version. Part one centers around Archetypal Evil and how it taints

Institute Archive | Women’s Spirit: The Fire Within with Jean Shinoda Bolen
April 17, 2023

This episode is the first part of the series Womens Spirit: The Fire Within (the full series is available for purchase on our website). From the seminar description: Fire as a feminine aspect is the