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Jung in the World | Technology & the Self 3: Myth, Archetypes, and Avatar Personas in Online Games with Patrick Jagoda
May 15, 2023

Video Available on YouTube University of Chicago Professor and online game designer Patrick Jagoda, PhD talks with Patricia Martin about ways that online games and new media apply Jungian theory to cr

Jungian Ever After | Snow White Part 1: Archetypal Evil
May 02, 2023

Snow White is one of the most recognized fairy tale stories and characters but, as usual, not many people are familiar with the Grimm version. Part one centers around Archetypal Evil and how it taints

Institute Archive | Women’s Spirit: The Fire Within with Jean Shinoda Bolen
April 17, 2023

This episode is the first part of the series Womens Spirit: The Fire Within (the full series is available for purchase on our website). From the seminar description: Fire as a feminine aspect is the

Jung in the World | Technology & the Self 2: Finding Ourselves in a Digital Culture with Elizabeth Nelson
March 28, 2023

Video Available on YouTube Elizabeth Eowyn Nelson, PhD joins Patricia Martin for a lively conversation about the value of Jungian thought in our tech-centric times. Nelson is on the faculty at Pacific

Jungian Ever After | Hansel & Grethel
February 27, 2023

This underrated fairy tale has a lot more to it than either of us would have guessed. We discuss fear of abandonment, resilience, and how they relate to a few current events as of the shows recording

Jung in the World | Technology and The Self: Exploring the Hidden Impact with Meghan O’Gieblyn
February 15, 2023

Video What is the impact of technology on the psyche? Author and Wired Magazine columnist Meghan OGieblyn talks with host Patricia Martin about consciousness and the self in the machine age, and the

Healing Cinema | Elegy
January 27, 2023

Jungian Analysts Judith Cooper and Daniel Ross discuss Elegy,the 2008 film directed byIsabel Coixet. Its screenplay is adapted byNicholas Meyerfrom the 2001 novelThe Dying AnimalbyPhilip Roth.

Entering the Path: The Journey of Individuation with Andrea Gaspar Gonzalez and Daniel Ross
January 08, 2023

When life is about to branch in a new direction, the unconscious sends us signs and symbols to tell us were embarking. This podcast features Jungian analyst Daniel Ross and Andrea Gaspar-Gonzalez, ta

Jungian Ever After | Rumpelstiltskin Part 2: Trickster
December 15, 2022

Our 100th episode! Its fitting that the 100th episode of the Jungianthology Podcast is with our most recent addition, Jungian Ever After. Please join our Holiday Giving Drive to support this free res

Jung in the World | Exploring the Mystery of Transformation with Murray Stein
December 01, 2022

Transformation of the self is mysterious, whether it comes about gradually or suddenly. The essence of the process is buried in the unconscious. In this interview, Murray Stein sheds light on key dime