Improv, Beat by Beat

Improv, Beat by Beat

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17 – Musical Improv
April 25, 2018

Musical improv is exactly what it sounds like: an improvised musical. A bit of dialogue, and then a lot of singing and dancing. In addition to having its own challenges (such as song structure, rhyming, and narrative structure),

16 – House Teams
March 01, 2018

A house team is a team that is created to perform regularly at a particular theater. At UCB NY, there are 3 levels of improv house teams: Lloyd, Harold, and the weekend. This episode talks about each level: why being on a house team can be frustrating ...

15 – Forms
February 06, 2018

Your first several years of learning long form improv will likely focus on scenework, the Harold, montages, and perhaps another form or two. In this episode, we discuss the other forms: why they’re important to learn and how they’re created.

14 – The Monoscene
December 23, 2017

The Monoscene is a form in which the location never changes: there are no edits. In this episode, we talk about how it was developed and what to keep in mind while performing one. Featuring Kevin Mullaney, Lily Du, and Jenny St. Angelo.

13 – Acting
November 10, 2017

Improv scenes should be more than just reciting lines. In this episode, we talk about how acting influences improv, and how to become better at it. Featuring Jessica Morgan, Molly Thomas, Morgan Phillips, Alex Dickson, Sebastian Conelli, Liza Noth,

12 – The Harold: 2nd and 3rd Beats
September 25, 2017

In a Harold, after the first beats and the first group game, the team returns to the first 3 games for second beats, and then does another group game, and then returns again for third beats. These scenes are chances to play more fun versions of the gam...

11 – Auditioning
September 11, 2017

Most theaters hold auditions to add people to their house teams. Every year around 600 people audition for UCBNY house teams (EDIT: in the episode I mistakenly say 1,000). Molly Thomas, Chris Scott, and Morgan Phillips share their experiences with audi...

10 – The Harold: Group Games
September 06, 2017

In a Harold, in between each set of beats is a group scene. These scenes can be tough if the entire team isn’t listening and playing together, but they can also be incredibly fun and change the direction and tempo of your entire Harold.

09 – Best Notes
August 28, 2017

Each improvisor recounts the notes that shaped their understanding of improv or their understanding of themselves as improvisors. Featuring Jessica Morgan, Lydia Hensler, Jesse Lee, Jenny St. Angelo, Lily Du, Molly Thomas, Lui Vega, Chris Scott,

08 – The Harold: 1st Beats
August 21, 2017

The 1st beats of the Harold are the most important part of the Harold. In each 1st beat, the ideas from the pattern game are transformed into characters, games, and worlds that will return throughout the Harold. Featuring Alex Dickson, Jenny St.