Improv, Beat by Beat

Improv, Beat by Beat

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07 – The Pattern Game
August 14, 2017

The Pattern Game is one of the fundamental Harold openings. It can seem intimidating at first, but once mastered it can be an effective, clean way of getting clear premises for your Harold. Featuring Achilles Stamatelaky, James Dwyer, Nicole Drespel,

06 – The Invocation
July 31, 2017

The Invocation is an opening developed by Del Close for the Harold. In this episode, Will Hines and Achilles Stamatelaky convince me of the merits of The Invocation. Hosted by Curtis Retherford.

05 – The Opening
July 24, 2017

After a team gets a suggestion, they typically do an opening of some sort to generate the ideas they will explore within a Harold. This episode focuses a couple specific openings and on openings in general. Featuring Jessica Morgan, Jesse Lee,

04 – The Harold
July 18, 2017

The Harold is one of the fundamental longform improv structures, but it isn’t easy, at least at first. But once it’s mastered, it is a framework that gives an extraordinary amount of flexibility. This episode focuses on the Harold as a whole: subsequen...

03 – Warm Ups
July 03, 2017

The next several episodes will focus on the Harold, one piece at a time. This episode focuses on what happens before the Harold, either at the beginning of practice or right before a show: Warm Ups. Featuring interviews with Devin Ritchie,

02 – Game – Playing the Game
June 27, 2017

Now that everyone in the scene has identified the game, it’s time to have fun. This episode goes into the different approaches improvisors use when playing the game. Featuring interviews with Alex Dickson, Lydia Hensler, Sebastian Conelli,

01 – Game – Framing and Justifications
June 18, 2017

Identifying and playing the game of a scene is the foundation of long-form improv: the improvisors must agree on what’s fun about the scene before they can really explore that game. This episode explains the importance of two fundamental parts of game:...