Improv, Beat by Beat

Improv, Beat by Beat

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26 – Advice
May 26, 2019

I asked many of the people I interviewed the same question: what advice would you give an improvisor in their first year doing improv? Featuring Maritza Montañez, Liz Noth, Chris Scott, Morgan Phillips, Will Hines, Bill DiPiero, Achilles Stamatelaky,

25 – The Movie
May 13, 2019

This episode focuses on a fun, but often difficult form, the Movie. One of the original forms developed by Del Close, the Movie is not performed as regularly as some other forms, but it can be rewarding to learn and get good at,

24 – The Spokane aka the Pretty Flower
March 15, 2019

This episode focuses on the form of many names, the Spokane / Pretty Flower / Delicate Little Flower / Gadget / Family Guy / so on and so on. We discuss how to do the form, and why it may be a great fit for your team or why it may not be.

23 – Coaching, Part 2
February 01, 2019

How should a coach structure a practice session? What are some exercises to use? How is coaching a house team different from coaching a practice group? These are all questions? Featuring Jenny St. Angelo, Sebastian Conelli, Lindsay Calleran,

22 – Coaching, Part 1
December 25, 2018

What makes a great coach? How do you become a great coach? How do you give helpful notes? None of those questions get answered. Featuring Bill DiPiero, Achilles Stametalaky, Lily Du, Devin Ritchie, Chris Scott, Jenny St. Angelo, Liz Noth,

21 – Best Notes, Part 2
November 04, 2018

Once again, each improvisor recounts the notes that shaped their understanding of improv or their understanding of themselves as improvisors. Featuring John Timothy, Beth Appel, Ashley Ward, Jake Cornell, X Mayo, Terry Withers, Maritza Montañez,

20 – Why Do You Do Improv?
September 28, 2018

I asked a bunch of improvisors a simple question: “Why do you do improv?” Featuring answers from Nicole Drespel, Kevin Hines, Devin Ritchie, Achilles Stamatelaky, David Bluvband, Lily Du, Chris Scott, Molly Thomas, Morgan Phillips, James Dwyer,

19 – Cliches and Gaps
July 05, 2018

19 different improvisors discuss the cliches they are tired of seeing and the gaps between the improvised worlds we create and the world we live in. What do they see too much of, and what do they not see enough of? Featuring Achilles Stamatelaky,

18 – Jams
May 30, 2018

An improv jam is basically an open mic for improv: anyone who goes can throw their name in a bucket to do scenes with the jam hosts. They can be stressful and intimidating, but they’re also a great way to get over nervousness over being on stage,

17 – Musical Improv
April 26, 2018

Musical improv is exactly what it sounds like: an improvised musical. A bit of dialogue, and then a lot of singing and dancing. In addition to having its own challenges (such as song structure, rhyming, and narrative structure),