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Forrest Maready Challenges The Medical Paradigm Behind The Polio Vaccine
April 06, 2022

Do you know everything there is to know about polio and the polio vaccine? This episode will make you realize just how unaware we are of how things really are. Forrest Maready has spent the last few years researching and writing about some of the most eni

Vitality Vs. Frailty: Why Muscle Mass Matters With Dr. Tyna Moore
March 30, 2022

Why does muscle mass matter? As an organ system, it is critical to immune and hormonal health. To tackle this topic, Dr. Lauren Lattanza welcomes Dr. Tyna Moore, a physician at Core Wellness Clinic, specializing in Regenerative Injection Therapy. Dr. Tyna

AFib Treatment Breakthrough: A Noninvasive Approach With Dr. Stavros Stavrakis
March 23, 2022

Dr. Stavrakis is a clinical electrophysiologist and physician-scientist at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center. He has been researching noninvasive autonomic neuromodulation for the last 10 years to treat atrial fibrillation and heart failure

Dr. Bill Schindler Discusses His New Book "Eat Like A Human"
March 16, 2022

It's Important to focus on our health. Dr. Bill Schindler is an internationally known archeologist, primitive technologist, and chef. In today’s episode, Dr. Bill shares his book, Eat Like a Human, where he discusses how our ancestors could surv

Fitness 101: Setting Yourself Up For Success With Jeremy Scott
March 09, 2022

What should you be prioritizing in your life? It’s your health and fitness. You won't be able to reach success without taking care of yourself. All your hard work will be nothing if you are not well. Jeremy Scott, our guest for today, is a former collegia

Kelly Kennedy On Lymphatics: The Frontier That No One Is Looking At
March 02, 2022

Nobody is looking at the lymphatic system when helping patients achieve healing and wellness. Did you know that 80% of our toxicants move through the lymphatic system? Dr. Jack Wolfson introduces Kelly Kennedy, the Biological Proponent and Executive Direc

Essential Oil Benefits With Vibrant Blue Founder Jodi Cohen
February 23, 2022

How do you manage your stress and achieve a healthy lifestyle? Listen to this episode as Jodi Sternoff Cohen shares the essential oil benefits that could help with your sleep, digestion, and detoxification processes. Jodi is a bestselling author

Wellness Mama Katie Wells: Healthy Alternatives To Toxic Personal Care Products
February 16, 2022

Personal care products and household cleaning agents can play host to a variety of toxic chemicals. Women tend to use more of these products than men and can potentially be putting over 200 chemicals on their body a day. Luckily, Katie Wells, bestsel

Biologic Dentistry: Dr. Rachaele Carver Explains The Connection Between Oral Health And Disease
February 09, 2022

Evidence shows that oral bacteria is present in the plaques in heart attack victims. In this episode, Dr. Rachaele Carver explains the connection between oral health and disease. Dr. Rachaele is a biological dentist and a certified health coach who p

PLUCK: Revolutionizing Access To Essential Nutrients With James Barry
February 02, 2022

Organ meat is full to the brim with nutrients, yet Americans don't even give it a chance. James Barry aims to change the game through PLUCK, an organ-based seasoning and functional food. He joins Dr. Jack Wolfson to talk about his efforts in revoluti