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Bonus Episode: Dr. Jack Wolfson's Interview On Boundless Body Radio With Casey Ruff
May 17, 2023

Conventionally trained cardiologist turned holistic practitioner, Dr. Jack Wolfson shares his journey and philosophies about natural health. In this episode, he takes the hot seat in an interview on Boundless Body Radio to discuss the importance of eating

Arterosil: Maximum Support For Your Blood Vessels With Dr. Doreen Saltiel
May 03, 2023

Whether we're talking about the kidneys, brain, or heart, all organs are fed by blood vessels. These vascular highways require maximum support and are important for overall health and wellness. In this episode, Dr. Doreen Saltiel, Medical Director at Peak

Dr. Jack Wolfson: 10 Things I Would Never Tell A Patient As A Cardiologist
April 26, 2023

Dr. Jack Wolfson teams up with registered dietitian and self-proclaimed wellness hacker, Adrial Zahniser to discuss their social media controversy over 5 things Dr. Wolfson would never tell a patient. They discuss the vilification of high-quality foods an

CAROL Bike: The 5-Minute Exercise Transforming The Cardio Fitness Industry
April 19, 2023

Everyone knows exercise is a powerful tool for health and longevity; the catch is many people dont have time to do it. But what if all you needed was 5 minutes? In this episode, Ulrich Dempfle, the CEO of CAROL Bike, provides insight into how 5 minutes i

David Meltzer: His Happiness Mission And The Think Well Impact On Heart Health
March 08, 2023

When we feed our mind with happiness, our body becomes at ease and we are able to think well. But why do most people struggle to find genuine joy in their lives? In this episode, David Meltzer, the Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing, provides valu

Stress Vs. Sex: Battle Of The Hormones Part 2 With Dr. John Kim And Dr. Lauren Lattanza
February 27, 2023

Dr. John Kim is back with Dr. Lauren Lattanza to discuss more about hormones and living a healthy and pleasurable life. While the first episode focuses on wonderful clinical tidbits about hormones and everything that surrounds us as we age, this next

Stress Vs. Sex: Battle Of The Hormones Part 1 With Dr. John Kim And Dr. Lauren Lattanza
September 07, 2022

Are you dedicated to living a healthy and fulfilling life despite life's unexpected twists and turns? Listen to Dr. John Kim as he shares his knowledge on hormones, stress, sex, and lifestyle. As a pharmacist and specialist in functional medicin

Plaque, Blockage, Hardening: Vascular Health Explained By Natural Heart Doctor Jack Wolfson
August 03, 2022

The vascular system is responsible for moving blood throughout the body, delivering oxygen and nutrients, while removing waste and toxins. Having great vascular health is essential, especially as we get older. Monitoring lifestyle choices such as nutritio

Heart Palpitations: Real Solutions From Natural Heart Doctor Jack Wolfson
July 13, 2022

Racing heart or skipped beats? If you are not in love or being chased by a lion, then youre having palpitations. If this sounds like what you or somebody you know are experiencing, dont miss this episode of The Healthy Heart Show. Today, Dr. Jack Wolfso

Stress Reduction AND Better Sleep: Get This And More with Neuvana's Xen Device
June 22, 2022

Are you struggling to get a good night's sleep? In this episode, Dr. Daniel Cartledge and Dr. Richard Cartledge discuss Neuvanas Xen device, which aims to help people reduce stress, improve focus,  and sleep better. The impact of vagus nerve stimula