The Happiness Playbook

The Happiness Playbook

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Practice Being Present With Us At Play Theory Bootcamp! (Week 2)
September 01, 2021

This is week 2 of our Play Theory Bootcamp! This week, we're focusing on the ability to be present. Mindfulness is another way to describe this principle. Come practice happiness with us over the next

Practice Happiness With Us! Week 1 Of The Play Theory Bootcamp!
August 26, 2021

This is week 1 of our Play Theory Bootcamp! Come practice happiness with us over the next couple of weeks as we give you ACTIONABLE happiness drills to practice in your day-to-day life! LaRee will gui

Play Theory For Roommates With Adeline Florence!
August 20, 2021

(IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! OUR FIRST ONLINE OFFERING!) Sign up at Welcome to a very special episode of the happiness playbook. Today I have the one, and only Adeline Florence

Go For Gold By Looking Outward With LaRee Florence (EP50!!!)
August 12, 2021

Today marks episode number 50 of The Happiness Playbook!!! This has been such a beautiful journey and diving into these principles and unpacking the recipe for happiness with you. And we cannot thank

Level Up Your Marriage With Play Theory - A Conversation With My Soulmate! (Part 2)
August 06, 2021

Today is part two of my conversation with the one and only...amazing, beautiful, lovely Aubrea Hooper (my soulmate.) We discuss Accept and Build AND Look Outward (the MOST important principle for long

Level Up Your Marriage With Play Theory - A Conversation With My Soulmate! (Part 1)
July 30, 2021

Whether you are in a marriage, a relationship, or you hope to one day have either of those things, today's episode is for you! I can confidently say, I have my favorite guest of all time on today's ep

Zap The Negative Thoughts And Create A Mind Of Steel
July 22, 2021

We’re going into overtime on those automatic negative thoughts today! By the end of this show you will have the tools in place to become the master of your mind and dramatically increase your happines

What is PLAY THEORY? - HPB001
August 12, 2020

An overview of the Play Theory Principles and the Benefits of Applying Them