Growing HOPE with Kathryn Lang

Growing HOPE with Kathryn Lang

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Choosing Obedience to Live in the Blessings
May 01, 2023

Choosing obedience provides the ONLY path to the blessed life. I have to do what I know to do and I have to do all of what I know to do if Im going to walk out my unique design. Partial obedience won

Breaking Chains to Live Fearless
April 28, 2023

Breaking chains frees you to create your best life. The best news that you will hear all week is that you dont even have to break the chains. When you step into Christ, He breaks all the chains for y

Dare to Be You
April 27, 2023

You are designed to be you. And you are the first you there ever was and that there ever will be. That means your path will be unique to you because nobody else can, has, or will walk it out. But that

Accountability vs Guilt
April 26, 2023

An attitude adjustment comes in handy when you are trying to get back on track. When you know what you need to do but you have gotten stuck in a rut of doing something other than what you know, then c

Embracing Change and Living Authentically
April 25, 2023

Embracing change gives me the power to live authentically. No matter what I do, change happens. It is either random or intentional. You either choose your change or change dictates you. Either way, ch

Finding True Joy
April 24, 2023

Finding True Joy requires looking beyond what sits in front of me. Joy comes from a foundation of Love that grows up hope and possibilities. It floods the darkness with light and fills the void with p

Growing Belief from Dreams
April 21, 2023

You have to grow belief from dreams or dreams become wishes that fade into delusions. Dreaming is amazing and necessary. It gives you the ability to see so many ideas. I like dreaming. Dreams need n

Nonconforming: How to Stop Resting On Your But
April 20, 2023

Dare to be nonconforming, after all, we are in the world. We are not supposed to be of it. What does the but have to do with being nonconforming? Simple. Resting on your but leads you to conform to ot

Doing it My Way
April 19, 2023

Doing it my way takes determination. Every time I step out in the path I believe Im supposed to walk, the world shows up. It waves around detour signs or throws blockades in my path. I believe in my

5 Keys to Building Momentum
April 18, 2023

Building momentum means you have more pushing you along to get things done. Doing things to be doing things doesnt get much done. Doing what is uniquely designed for you on purpose and in purpose