Growing HOPE with Kathryn Lang

Growing HOPE with Kathryn Lang

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Learning Fuels the Competive Edge
July 07, 2023

You have to get radical about your spot if you are going to stand against the tide of the world. Radical means you are rooted in it. Its embracing the uniqueness of you that was planted in you at the

Learning Grows Your Moments
July 06, 2023

The world tells me I am entitled to put me first. I have more rights when Im invested in the situation or the organization. The more Ive put in of my time, my abilities, and my resources, the more r

Learning Keeps You Moving
July 05, 2023

Your purpose will never change because you were designed to live it. When you understand your unique design, then you can begin to flex, bend, and detour as necessary to walk it out in all you do. The

Learning Feeds the Mind
July 04, 2023

You have to invest in hope to grow more hope. And we need more hope because hope is the only thing that can power us through the darkness or the trials we are facing. Whatever the darkness, the strug

Learing Feeds the Heart
July 03, 2023

Keep your mouth shut. If youve known me for more than a few minutes, you know those are considered fighting words. Im not a big fan of quiet time. But sometimes, you have to go against your nature

A Habit of Being Present
June 30, 2023

You have to dare to take down the giants. They will try to make it look impossible. The world will join in and try to shout you down. If you dont give the giants power, they cant stop you. Kathry

Caring Strengthens Bonds
June 29, 2023

You have an all access pass for life. You can go anywhere and do anything when you pick up your pass. But you have to choose to pick up your all access pass and then you have to choose to use it. Othe

Caring Increases Connections
June 28, 2023

Going all in is the only way to live your best life. If you hold back, you risk falling flat when you try to leap (sometimes when you just try to step). The only way to reach your best life is to be 1

Caring Clarifies Perspective
June 27, 2023

Nothing can defeat God. He is an unstoppable God. Everything on the earth began with Him, and He can create more if necessary. And yet, I doubt. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say I struggle in

Put Others Before Self
June 26, 2023

A Bible Covenant detailed a connection between two parties people or tribes that could only be broken by death. Throughout the Scripture, the Word provides many promises and covenants that God has