Growing HOPE with Kathryn Lang

Growing HOPE with Kathryn Lang

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Feeding the Hope to Light Your Path
December 09, 2020

You have to be intentionally feeding the hope to keep the hope alive, and you need hope to shine the light on your path. When the darkness closes in, the only way out is with the light. # # # Watch today’s episode of #GrowingHOPE The tougher the week,

Nurture the Hope You are Growing
December 08, 2020

Little bits of investment nurture the hope you are growing for your life. You have to care for the hope (and take care in the hope) to grow storm standing hope. # # # Watch today’s episode of #GrowingHOPE # # # We planted a garden.

Sowing Seeds of Hope to Light Your Path
December 07, 2020

Sowing seeds of hope give you the opportunity for a harvest of light. What you plant, you grow. You harvest your tomorrow from the words and thoughts you scatter throughout your now. Plant seeds of hope to grow up a lighted path of possibilities.

Hope Founded in Trust Grows Possibility Living
December 04, 2020

Hope founded in trust makes the way. Hope without trust isn’t hope as much as it is wishful thinking. You need trust to have hope, because we define hope as a concrete confidence and expectation that comes from a settled understanding of God’s provisio...

Invest in the Positive to Embrace the Hope
December 03, 2020

You have to invest in the positive to find and embrace your hope. It all matters Positive people Positive words Positive atmosphere Positive sounds Positive thoughts Without the positive, hope will not seed and grow. Without the positive investment,

Develop a Hunger for God to Grow Hope
December 02, 2020

Develop a hunger for God that drives your focus and actions. The more you focus in one direction, the more that focus will dictate your needs and wants. Determine to make God your focus and drive. # # # Watch today’s episode of #GrowingHOPE The Word st...

Hope Rooted in Knowledge and Understanding Stands Strong
December 01, 2020

World-changing hope is rooted in knowledge and understanding. If you don’t know what you know, then you can’t hope for what you don’t know (or know). It takes an investment in knowledge that’s molded into understanding to stand firm in hope.

Hope is Defined by Relationship with God
November 30, 2020

A relationship with God provides the foundation for understanding and living out hope. If you want to stand in hope, you begin by investing in know God and experience Him in your life. To define hope and understand how it will work,

3 Ways Hope Dispels the Dark
November 27, 2020

Light dispels the dark. It’s a consistent for every moment of the journey. When dawn breaks, light dispels the dark. When the storm passes, the light breaks through. When the focus shifts from problems to possibilities,

Point to the Promise to Pursue Possibility Paths
November 26, 2020

Point to the promise. The promise has more power than the circumstances of the moment. It’s not about what you think or what you see, or even what you believe. The promise is a fundamental part of a bold foundation that springs up hope.