Growing HOPE with Kathryn Lang

Growing HOPE with Kathryn Lang

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Settled in the Unsettled
November 04, 2022

Hope allows you to be settled in the unsettled moments you face. Sometimes you have to stand on the boat deck during the storm. Hope gives you the sea legs that let you rock with the boat but still st

Making the Way with Intentional Actions
November 03, 2022

Hope is making the way through intentional actions those actions taken with determination and courage that only grows up in hope. When you are standing on the firm foundation of promise grown hope t

Investing in Will
November 02, 2022

Hope opens the way for investing in will. Instead of focusing on want tos or have tos, you are harnessing the power of I WILL. I will do it because I can. I will do it because Im designed to do it.

Hope Vision Creates Clarity of Insight
November 01, 2022

Hope vision creates clarity of insight because it sees more than what is there. Its seeing beyond the walls, the defined matrix of the world, or even your own little box design. Hope vision sees the

Positive Expecations Create Positive Energy
October 31, 2022

The positive expectations we embrace in our journey create positive energy that is necessary for growth, for BIG DREAMS, and for purpose living. You become all you are designed to be when you have the

Locking Blocks of Hope
October 28, 2022

The locking blocks of hope are those little bits of hope that lock together to give us a firm foundation for standing through the tough times. Hope locks together to be stronger we are all stronger

Developing Daily Gratitudes to Invest in Hope
October 27, 2022

Developing daily gratitudes creates a forward-focusing, positivity-harnessing vision. It will get you through the tough times. It will anchor you in the storms. It will help you find the Way when befo

Strength of Repetition Helps with Growing Hope
October 26, 2022

The strength of repetition comes about because you reinforce your ability to believe, the understanding, or the message to the point that it becomes your default position. When hope is your default po

Getting Beyond Want To
October 25, 2022

Getting beyond want to is the second way to invest in hope for your life. Your want to will lie to you because sometimes you want to get to the BIG DREAM and your want to doesnt want to do the thin

Speaking Into Believing – Step One for Investing in HOPE
October 24, 2022

Speaking into believing means saying the words until you believe the words. When you speak your hope, you not only let the words out of your mouth, but you put those words back into your ears. It rein