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Coronavirus - Should YOU worry?
March 06, 2020

Coronavirus myth busting and what's really going to keep you safe from COVID-19 - a lecture by Dr. Steven Gundry.

Quit running, and eat fat (here's why)
March 02, 2020

Mark Sisson is the founder of Primal Kitchen, former marathoner, and bestselling author. And on today's episode of The Dr. Gundry Podcast, he's going to help you sort out fact from fiction about the popular (and controversial) keto diet. Mark has a brand

What psychiatrists are getting wrong
February 24, 2020

Dr. Daniel Amen, one of America’s leading psychiatrists, says that the way we think about mental illness and mental health is all wrong. In his brand new book, The End of Mental Illness, Dr. Amen exposes the most common misconceptions about mental illness

Award-Winning Molecule That Could Extend Your Life
February 17, 2020

Chris Burres is the owner of SES Research, the first company to deliver MyVitalC, the world’s first nano antioxidant, to the public. When Chris learned a Nobel Prize-winning chemical tested by NASA had been proven to almost double the lifespan in mammals,

Skip THIS, and you could die in DAYS.
February 10, 2020

There’s one important topic I’ve NEVER talked about before — yet it may be the MOST essential thing you can put into your body. In fact, if you don’t get enough of this thing, you could die in just a matter of DAYS. I’m talking about water and on today’s

Harmless "micro-cancers" - fact or fiction?
February 03, 2020

Dr. William Li says we need to start thinking of food as medicine — and realize that we already have all the tools we need to fight disease and live longer, healthier lives. On today’s episode of The Dr. Gundry Podcast, Dr. Li and I discuss the one herb w

Dr. Says: Eat cheese?
January 27, 2020

On this episode of The Dr. Gundry Podcast, Dr. Gundry answers your questions about his yes/no list of foods, including hot topics like honey, almond milk, and pressure cooking.

The truth about the world's most common element
January 20, 2020

Tyler W. LeBaron, founder of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute, chats with Dr. Gundry about the incredible powers of hydrogen and how YOU can use it to boost the health of your entire body.

Harvard scientist: Is "old age" the newest disease?
January 13, 2020

Dr. David Sinclair, Harvard University scientist and expert on the science of aging, chats with me about his brand new book, Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We Don't Have To. We also discuss the most dangerous meal of the day,

Harvard scientist: Is "old age" the newest disease?
January 13, 2020

Dr. David Sinclair chats with Dr. Gundry about his new book, Lifespan, and discusses the best ways for us to live longer, healthier lives.