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Evangelism in our Churches (#036)
October 17, 2019

The first thing to die in a church, without constant encouragement from leadership, is evangelism. In this episode of God Stuff, Bill is joined by Todd Skinner to discuss why evangelism seems to be at a low point, and how we can move forward.

Praying the Lord’s Prayer (#035)
October 09, 2019

In today's episode, Bradley Thomas joins Bill Giovannetti to talk through what it sounds like to pray using the Lord's Prayer as a template. 

How Do We Know What We Know?
October 01, 2019

Faith is trust in an authority: for empiricism, the authority is our senses. For rationalism, the authority is our postulates—the logical concepts that get the rational ball rolling. For Christianity, the authority is Jesus and his Word.

How the Church Murdered Grace
September 24, 2019

The heart of Scripture is Christ. The heart of Christ is grace. The heart of Grace is the Cross.  - Without Christ’s Cross, there is no grace, not in reality, and not conceptually either. There is no such thing as a Christless grace,

Four Christian Answers to Humanism
September 04, 2019

Let me start by saying please do not confuse humanism with humanitarianism. Humanitarianism means caring for people, and as Christians, we are fans of that.  - Humanism is something different. It is, ultimately,

The Grace Pathway — A Spiritual Growth Plan
August 23, 2019

In this episode, Bradley Thomas joins Bill to talk about the Grace Pathway.  - The Grace Pathway is a four step approach to discipleship and spiritual growth. Here are the four steps: God Saves You God Blesses You God Grows You

Stunted: 11 Disturbing Trends in the Church and How to Reverse Them (#1 The Death of Expository Preaching)
August 16, 2019

This is a follow up to my post and podcast about the high-profile defections of Christian leaders. This content is the opening chapter of a proposed book called Stunted. I've been around long enough to be considered a veteran pastor, and in this book,

I Kissed Faith-Defectors Goodbye
August 15, 2019

The rash of recent high-profile defections from Christianity only shows the insanity of how we have elevated unprepared men and women to leadership in the church. Quit looking to fallible leaders and start looking to the Word of God.

Challenges to Faith for Students Today
August 13, 2019

There has never been a more life-giving and true worldview than biblical Christianity. It is getting harder and harder to say so, especially for students. In this episode, Bill joins Travis Osborne, the Student Ministries pastor at our church,

026 – An Imperfect Podcast About PERFECTIONISM
August 08, 2019

I blame Bradley Thomas, but this episode is a rambling conversation on a lot of topics, mainly tending toward the topic of Perfectionism. We enjoyed a wide-ranging conversation, and I hope you enjoy it.