God and Business Today

God and Business Today

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009: Building a Business as a Ministry with Skate Park Owner Kim D’Arezzo
June 02, 2017

Kim D’Arezzo and her husband Brian bought an indoor skate Park in Arizona. Today it's a hot spot for famous YouTubers and scooter enthusiasts looking for a wholesome environment. They take NO MONEY out of the business. It is their ministry.

008: Living the Golden Rule in Business with Realtor Randy Dix
May 28, 2017

Residential real estate agent Randy Dix--who sold my property in 5 days--shares marketing secrets, how to living the Golden Rule, thoughts on tithing and more.

007: Viewing Convicted Criminals as Children of God with Forensic Psychologist Jason Frizzell
May 21, 2017

Dr. Jason Frizzell previously served as a chief psychologist in the Arizona Department of Corrections where he developed programs such as mental health awareness training for corrections personnel, conducted psychotherapy with mentally ill offenders,

006: Developing an Abundance Mentality with Terry Davis
May 12, 2017

Does God want us to have an abundance mentality? Is it okay to pray about money? Author, business coach and attorney Terry G. Davis answers these questions and more in this week's interview.

GABT 005: Investigative Reporter Finds God with Mike Wendland
May 07, 2017

Investigative reporter Mike Wendland finds God after lying about reading the Bible to a woman who calls him at his television station. Plus influencing the media for good.

004: How to Connect with God through Visual Arts with Priscilla Williams
April 28, 2017

Learn to use your visual senses to connect with God in new and different ways you may not have experienced before.

003: Feeding Disorders, Dancing, and the Power of Prayer in Business with Dixie Roberts
April 21, 2017

Dixie Roberts is a Feeding Disorder and Speech Therapist serving children on the autistic spectrum. She prays about every client before saying "yes."

002: How Child Abuse Prepared Me for My Life Purpose with Suzette Wynder Bendt
April 08, 2017

Though abused as a child, Suzette Wynder Bendt always felt God's presence in her life. Her trials led her to her life purpose.

001: How to Stay Connected to God in a Busy Business World with Christa Trantham
April 08, 2017

Learn how to stay connected to God in a busy business world with business coach Christa Trantham.

000: Welcome to the God and Business Today Podcast
April 08, 2017

Discover what to expect from this new podcast, why it was created, who will be interviewed, all about your host and more.