God and Business Today

God and Business Today

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019: How to Receive Revelation for Your Business with Mechanical Engineer Ron Derrick
November 08, 2017

Ron Derrick is the principal engineer, designer and consultant at Derrick Mechanical, a mechanical engineering firm specializing in metals mining, energy, industrial materials, heavy manufacturing, agriculture, construction,

018: Sanctified Ambition and How We Can Be Motivated By What Really Matters with Author Arvell Craig
October 25, 2017

Arvell Craig unofficially began his start in business at the age of 9, cutting "fades and fro’s" for neighbors, family and friends in Detroit, Michigan. This continued throughout elementary, high school and college. While still an undergraduate,

017: Embrace Your Inner Millionaire with OverFlow Coach Monique Caradine
October 06, 2017

Making money is about viewing God as our source, fulfilling our divine purposes, and doing good with the abundance He gives us. But you've got to do the inner work first.

016: The Divine Drive to Build a Business as a Calling with Mentor and Consultant Tony Bass
September 17, 2017

Can God call you to build a business? Can it really be a divine thing? Can you and why should you do good in the world with your business? Tony Bass would say YES to all three.

015: Aligning Your Faith, Finances and Purpose with Financial Deliverance Coach Stephen De Silva
September 01, 2017

Explore a group of tools and processes you can use to discover your divine identity, eliminate false beliefs, increase your faithfulness and live your purpose.

014: Healing Music Mends Our Brokenness with Singer-Songwriter Kathi Wilson
August 18, 2017

Kathi Wilson is a psalmist and songwriter who prayed for the gift of healing music. Her music is known for its healing effect on the mind, body and spirit. Drawn from the well of her own pain and suffering,

013: The Divine Calling of Coaching – How to Do What You Are and Live Your Purpose with Dr. Anita Schamber
August 04, 2017

What is coaching? How can it help you do what you are and live your purpose? All these questions answered and more here!

012: D.I.S.C.O.V.E.R. the Secrets to Building Effective Teams with Consultant John Boyd
July 14, 2017

John Boyd is a team intelligence and employee engagement expert. A good part of the work he’s done over the years has been with tech companies. In fact, John says, “I love how innovative technology solves problems for business,

011: Working Together in Partnership with God with Mompreneur Crystal Obey
July 08, 2017

How to build a business and manage work, life and faith balance as an entrepreneurial couple.

010: Social Media Matters and More with Expert Marketer Heather Heuman
June 16, 2017

Heather Heuman is a social media consultant, strategist and speaker who loves diving into the trenches with clients to help them see that social media can give them great results for their business or organization.